Genshin Impact manga plays a major part in the story and also acts as the prequel of the game. It discloses important elements about Mondstadt characters including Dottore, a member of the Fatui Harbingers.

Il Dottore Genshin Impact is quite prominent for the fact that he has some connections to important characters like Diluc or Barbatos, although he has yet appeared in the game. Who is he and will he be playable? Read on for his story.

Il Dottore
Everything about Genshin Impact Dottore weapon, element, release date, and more.

1. Who Is Dottore Genshin Impact?

It is not exaggerating to say that Il Dottore is a mad scientist. The masked character has an obsession with human experimentation as he wants to be the creator of strong, out-of-ordinary creatures.

After he was chased out of his hometown, Dottore joined Sumeru Academia where presents other gifted scholars like Lisa and Cyno. While Dottore was conducting research here, he got an invitation from Pierro – the first harbinger, to join the Fatui.

He soon agreed to be aboard and earned the Il Dottore title, aka The Doctor, and the rest is history.

Il Dottore is known as a mad scientist with exotic and inhumane experiments.

2. Dottore Genshin Impact Crimes

Here’s a deeper (and dark) look into Dottore’s genesis.

Dottore Genshin Crimes

Among Genshin Impact future characters, Dottore is portrayed as an evil individual. And he is known for his disturbing human experiments. His hometown got rid of him presumably for his inhumane scientific suggestions and experiments.

After he was recruited to the Fatui, he defeated Ursa the Drake – one of the threats to Mondtstadt. The city owns the Fatui a favor after this and Dottore took his chance to lure citizens to be his test subjects.

Dottore Genshin
He is isolated by his hometown for a strange passion for human experiments.

Besides, he seems to have little to no empathy for those around him. The Doctor, ironically, can kill people under him without hesitation and can cross any line, even moral ones, when it comes to searching for specimens.

Dottore Harbinger Appearance

Genshin Impact Dottore is an adult man with red eyes, pale skin, and short blue hair. He usually dons a black and white mask covering almost entire his face except for his eyes, half of his mouth, and his right cheek. The mask also has a Fatui symbol.

A long white coat, white dress shirt, pink bow tie, dark pants, and a pinstripe vest are his signature outfit. Besides, Il Dottore typically wears a blue earring on the right ear.

Players and manga readers may wonder what Genshin Impact Dottore without a mask would look like, but we all need to wait until he is officially introduced.

Dottore Genshin Impact
Fans have made some edits and speculate that he may look no less hot than Zhongli or Tartaglia.

Mention In Childe's Story Quest

So far, Dottore has only appeared once in the Genshin Impact game. In Childe’s story quest, it is unveiled that the Harbinger used to run a facility full of Ruin Guards. For the unknown, in the manga, this Dottore guy can turn corpses into Ruin Guards which sounds quite creepy.

Moreover, The Doctor seemed to not care about the transparency of his projects as he abandoned the site with hazards in west Liyue.

Originally, he studied Abyss creatures there but later went on to make Ruin Guards.

Dottore Chide
He was briefly mentioned in Childe's story quest.

This is the character’s last known activity and fans may have to wait for new in-game quests or manga chapters to know more about this insane Fatui member.

3. Will Dottore Be Playable Genshin Impact?

According to the official manga, Dottore is part of the Fatui Harbingers. Like Tartaglia, Dottore may just be a playable character soon.

Of all the rumored and leaked Genshin Impact future characters, Dottore’s venture into the game is the most ambiguous.

Apparently, there’s also nothing certain about Genshin Impact Dottore weapon and element. What players can expect upon his arrival is that the storyline will likely become much darker.

4. The Fatui Harbinger Members

For those who don’t have much idea about this clan, the Fatui is a diplomatic organization based in Snezhnaya. Tsaritsa, aka the Cryo Archon, is the leader of the organization. There have been quite a number of Genshin Impact theories surrounding the real intention of this clan.

On another hand, Tsaritsa has 11 lieutenants working for her and they are known as the Harbingers. These have the highest rankings amongst all members in the Fatui military's hierarchy and are loyal to no one but their boss. Their names are:

  • Pierro (1st Harbinger)
  • Pulcinella (5th Harbinger)
  • Scaramouche (6th Harbinger)
  • La Signora (8th Harbinger)
  • Tartaglia (11th Harbinger)
  • Capitano
  • Dottore
  • Pantalone
  • Sandrone
The Fatui
The Fatui will likely have multiple playable characters.

Three Fatui Harbingers have been introduced in the game: La Signora, Scaramouche, and Childe – the only playable Fatui so far.

All in all, we can conclude that Dottore Harbinger will become playable in the Genshin Impact game. We just need to wait a bit for more information, as the earlier-mentioned Scaramouche and La Signora are still waiting for their debut.

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