Shenhe is the newest 5-star Cryo Polearm character in Genshin Impact, released as part of the 2.4 update. In this article, we are going to showcase the best Shenhe team comp for DPS and support.

Overall, Shenhe works best as a Support or Sub-DPS character, dealing Cryo DMG to opponents while buffing her party members' Cryo DMG. The most effective way to build Shenhe revolves around Superconduct, Melt and Freeze teams.

Shenhe is the strongest Cryo support to date, who fits perfectly into the sub DPS role of a Cryo comp.

1. High-End Shenhe Team Comp (Permafrost)

In this comp, Shenhe is a support/sub DPS who amplifies Ganyu or Ayaka's Cryo damage. This comp focuses on triggering Freezing and deals damage with the main DPS, with Shenhe's support

CharacterRoleArtifact SetConstellation Level
Ganyu/AyakaMain DPSBlizzard Strayer (4-Piece)Any
ShenheSub DPSBlizzard Strayer (2-Piece) & Noblesse Oblige (2-Piece)Any
Venti/KazuhaBurst DPS
Crowd Control
Buff Support
Viridescent Venerer (4-piece)Any
KokomiHeal Support
Tenacity of the Millelith (4-piece )Any

Ayaka or Ganyu would deal damage with their kits, triggering a Freeze reaction with Kokomi's Hydro application.  Kokomi is the main support and healer of the team. Her elemental skill triggers Hydro every 2 seconds, which automatically triggers the Tenacity of the Millelith set bonus. However, if you don't need healing, it is possible to replace Kokomi with Xingqiu, Mona or any other Hydro applicator.

The trio of Cryo DPS users who are part of Shenhe teams Genshin Impact

Overall, Shenhe is the perfect support for Cryo team with her kit, providing ATK Bonus to Ayaka/Ganyu and reducing Cryo RES of enemies. You would be able to constantly freeze enemies hit by Kokomi.

Kazuha or Venti can crowd control with their powerful Anemo skills. While Venti has the better skill that can assist the team by grouping enemies together, Kazuha can provide a huge DMG buff to teammates and further reduce Elemental Resistance of enemies for even more damage.

2. Mid-Tier Shenhe Team Comp (Melt)

This team comp makes use of the melt and reverse melt reaction, aiming to maximize Ganyu and Shenhe's damage.

CharacterRoleArtifact SetConstellation Level
AyakaMain DPSBlizzard Strayer (4-Piece)Any
ShenheSub DPS
Buff Support
Blizzard Strayer (2-Piece) & Noblesse Oblige (2-Piece)Any
XianglingBurst DPS
Emblem of Severed Fate (4-Piece)C6 (if possible)
BennettHeal Support
Buff Support
Noblesse Oblige (4-Piece)C5 (if possible)

With Shenhe's help, Ganyu or Ayaka can deal massive Cryo DMG with their kit. Her skill provides both attack bonus and Cryo Res reduction. Aim to trigger Melt when possible for huge reaction damage.

Bennett is still the go-to support that can be slotted into any lineup.

Xiangling continuously applies Pyro so Ganyu and Shenhe can deal damage with Melt. Her burst and Bennett also provide good burst damage when needed. Bennett, alongside Pyro resonance, provides healing and damage boost, which is useful in every comp.

3. High-End Shenhe Team Comp (Superconduct)

This team comp revolves around maximizing Eula's Elemental Burst damage by using Superconduct reaction.

CharacterRoleArtifact SetConstellation Level
EulaMain DPSPale Flame (4-Piece)Any
Raiden ShogunSub DPS
Emblem of Severed Fate (4-Piece)Any
ShenheBurst DPS
Buff Support
Blizzard Strayer (2-Piece) & Noblesse Oblige (2-Piece)Any
ZhongliShield SupportTenacity of the Millelith (4-piece )Any

The core of this Shenhe team is Eula's burst. Its damage can be boosted greatly under the effect of superconduct, Raiden Shogun's elemental skill and Zhongli's Tenacity of the Millelith set. Shenhe provides an ATK bonus to Ganyu while reducing enemies' Physical RES and Cryo RES.

Raiden can be the second core of a lot of teams.

Raiden Shogun is the team's sub DPS/support, providing Electro application to trigger superconduct. She can also serve as the on-field damage dealer when Eula's burst is on cooldown. Players can also replace her with Fischl if they want Shenhe to be the sub DPS instead of Raiden.

Zhongli is a flex pick who shields teammates and wears the full set of Tenacity of the Millelith to boost everyone's damage.

4. F2P Shenhe Team Build

This lineup is designed for complete f2p and new players who only have Shenhe as a sole 5 star. It consists of all characters you can get for free completing the main quests. This is how you can make Shenhe more effective even with a free squad. If you've been playing for a while, this lineup is not recommended.

CharacterRoleArtifact SetConstellation
ShenheSub DPSBlizzard Strayer (2-Piece) & Noblesse Oblige (2-Piece)Any
XianglingMain DPSEmblem of Severed Fate (4-Piece)Any
BarbaraHealerOcean-Hued Clam (4-Piece)Any
AmberSupportNoblesse Oblige (4-Piece)Any

Overall, this is just the usual Melt Comp, with Shenhe and Barbara freezing enemies for Xiangling to trigger Melt for damage. Amber is there to boost Xiangling's damage via the Noblesse 4 piece set and Pyro resonance. She can also crowd control alongside Barbara with her skill. Lastly, Barbara is here mainly to heal.

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