Yun Jin is the newest playable Geo character in Genshin Impact, released as part of the 2.4 update. Similar to Shenhe, she is also a polearm support character. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase a complete Yun Jin Genshin Impact 2.4 guide, including skills, builds, team comps, and more.

Yun Jin Genshin Impact 2.4
Yun Jin Genshin Impact 2.4

1. Yun Jin Genshin Impact Overview

Yun Jin is a playable Geo Character in Genshin Impact that uses a Polearm. She is the director of the Yun-Han Opera Troupe and is also a famous figure in Liyue Harbor's opera scene. Unlike the 2.3 Geo support Gorou, Yun Jin's skillset revolves around boosting normal attack damage instead of Geo DMG.

She is going to be part of all banners in Genshin Impact 2.4. It is likely that you would be able to get multiple constellation levels for her.

2. Yun Jin Genshin Skills

Yun Jin has the standard polearm normal, charged, and plunge attacks.

Yun Jin
Yun Jin Genshin Elemental Burst in action

Elemental Skill: Opening Flourish

Her elemental skill has two modes - press and hold:

  • Press: Dealing Geo DMG in an area.
  • Hold: Create a shield based on her Max HP, which has 150% effectiveness against all Elemental DMG and Physical DMG. If the shield break for any reason, the charged energy will be unleashed as an attack, dealing Geo DMG. There are 2 levels of damage based on charging time.

At 1st ascension, using Opening Flourish at the precise moment when Yun Jin is attacked will unleash its Level 2 Charged (Hold) form.

Elemental Burst: Cliffbreaker's Banner

Deals heavy AoE Geo DMG and buff all party members with Flying Cloud Flag Formation. This buff enhances normal attack DMG by adding bonus damage based on Yun Jin's current DEF. The effect ends after a set duration or a number of triggers. Hitting multiple foes with one attack counts as multiple triggers.

At 4th ascension, the damage bonus is further increased by 2.5%/5%/7.5%/11.5% of Yun Jin's DEF, based on the number of elemental types in your party.

3. Yun Jin Constellations

Constellation Effect
Thespian Gallop Opening Flourish's CD is decreased by 18%.
Myriad Mise-En-Scène After Cliffbreaker's Banner is unleashed, all nearby party members' Normal Attack DMG is increased by 15% for 12s.
Seafaring General Increases the Level of Cliffbreaker's Banner by 3. The maximum upgrade level is 15.
Flower and a Fighter When Yun Jin triggers the Crystallize Reaction, her DEF is increased by 20% for 12s.
Famed Throughout the Land Increases the Level of Opening Flourish by 3. The maximum upgrade level is 15.
Decorous Harmony Characters under the effects of the Flying Cloud Flag Formation have their Normal ATK SPD increased by 12%.

Overall, the character gets a huge power spike at c2 and c6. As she is a normal attack supporter, there are only a few builds in the game that can make use of her skills.

Yun Jin Constellation
Yun Jin's Constellation in Genshin Impact

4. Yun Jin Build Genshin Impact

The most valuable stats for Yun Jin are DEF% and DEF. Players should prioritize DEF%>DEF>CRIT DMG>CRIT RATE>Energy Recharge%.


The best weapon for Yun Jin is the Deathmatch - it provides a 15% DEF bonus if there are more than 2 enemies nearby. However, if you want to deal damage, Staff of Homa or Engulfing Lightning can be a good alternative.


As Yun Jin is a support, players can just equip her with the Tenacity of the Millelith 4-piece set for the most efficient boost possible, if there are no other Millelith wielder in the team. They can also improve Yun Jin's Burst buff using the Husk Of Opulent Dreams 4-Piece Set.

Genshin Impact Deathmatch
The best choice for Yun Jin support in Genshin Impact

5. Yun Jin Team Comps

Overall, Yun Jin is not a versatile character - she can only fit in teams that revolve around normal attacks. Yoimiya is probably the one character who can benefit from her Burst's attack buff the most. Below are the best team comps for Yun Jin:

Yoimiya normal attack team

  • Yoimiya + Yun Jin + Xingqiu + Bennett

Yoimiya is the main DPS of this lineup. Her damage is mainly amped up by Vaporization reaction and Yun Jin's presence in the team. Yun Jin's C2 and C6 improve Yoimiya's capability greatly.

Xingqiu's Burst can easily apply Hydro to enemies continuously, which allows Yoimiya to trigger Vaporization. Bennett provides attack buff, heal and elemental resonance to Yoimiya.

Yoimiya finally gets a good support for an SS tier comp.

Razor superconduct team

  • Razor + Yun Jin + Kaeya + Qiqi

This lineup focuses on Razor dealing physical damage via normal attacks and superconduct + Cryo resonance from Kaeya and Qiqi. Yun Jin's presence is just some extra shield support and damage on top.

Noelle pure Geo team

  • Noelle + Yun Jin + Gorou + Albedo

This lineup focuses on maximizing Noelle's power in her sweeping burst mode. Similar to the previous lineup, Yun Jin is here to increase Noelle's damage potential during her burst.

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