Collei Genshin Impact currently gets a lot of attention after beta 2.5 started. The green-haired character appears in the official manga but has not been introduced in the game.

However, a renowned leaker has found an interesting character file regarding Collei who is speculated that appear in the upcoming Sumeru region.

Here’s everything we know so far about Collei’s background, age, and element.

Genshin Collei

1. Who Is Collei Genshin Impact?

Collei is one of the main protagonists in the official manga of Genshin Impact. While Shenhe and Yun Jin's releases are still stirring the community, the news about Collei has travelers excited for what lies ahead.

Collei Genshin gender

Many fans seem to be puzzled about this character’s gender. To sort this question out, Collei is a girl. And unlike other characters, she was not born with a special ability. She was, in fact, born a sickly child.

Genshin Collei age is speculated to be around the same as Sucrose. However, no confirmation has been made.

Collei Genshin
Collei Genshin gender is female as fans may mistaken her for a boy.

Collei’s past

Seeing her health condition, Collei’s parents gave her to a Fatui scientist called Barnabas to save her life. For the unknown, this Barnabas guy was working with Il Dottore.

However, the Fatui used her like other experiments for a new power project of them titled "Archon Residue". These abilities let their possessors have an equally formidable kind of power with the Archons. On another hand, the holders, or the possible “Teyvat people” as in the lore, cannot control this force. For those who are non-Teyvat like the Traveler, this may not apply the same.

In fact, Collei neither has any Vision nor is granted by the Archon but after the Archon Residue experiments, she has special powers that permit her to summon powerful magical abilities. They are called “Black Fire” and made her quite an uncontrollable danger.

Collei Cyno
Collei Genshin Impact had a troubling past until she met Amber and Cyno.

Rescued by Cyno

In the manga, Collei met Sumeru scholar Cyno in the library and he offered to put her Archon Residue in a dormant state. After she is cleansed, she follows him to Sumeru to learn more about the world and to continue her treatment.

The bottom line here is Collei may not be the only one to have these magical abilities. The Fatui may chase down across Teyvat for the remaining Archon power sources for the same reason.

2. Genshin Impact Collei Element

As of now, Collei’s element in the game has not been confirmed. However, as she is now in Sumeru, some players guessed that she may be a Dendro vision holder.

Meanwhile, she has short, wavy green hair which reaches her neck and round purple eyes that almost reach a magenta tone. She is said to look a bit like Sucrose and a bit shorter than Amber.

Collei Cyno
Her element is unknown at the moment.

On her first appearance in the mange, most parts of her face and body were covered in bandages. Collei donned sir wat-like baggy trousers and a tapper hat that is made from bandages.

It is much later that she changes into a plain black shirt, simple shorts, and a hooded cloak worn on top.

3. When Will Collei Be Playable?

As of writing, Collei Genshin Impact is not playable. But it does not mean miHoYo will not add her to the game in the future.

According to Dimbreath – a popular leaker, Collei has unexpectedly appeared in the beta 2.5 game file of Genshin Impact and then disappeared in one blink. The leaker stated that the file displayed her Elemental Burst gadgets. Sadly, no further information is there to dig into as miHoYo briefly cleared the entry.

“[2.5 - Beta] Collei

They left an entry about one of Collei Elemental Burst gadgets. There's not much more information about this that I have dug out so far.

I've had people ask what a Gadget is. In this case, it seems to be some sort of "item" used on the Elemental Burst. Sadly at the moment, I haven't found anything else regarding Collei in the files."

While this does not mean Collei will become playable, it does offer a nice nod to the manga’s plot.

An important thing is we already have an in-game character who does not have a Vision yet still has a threatening power – Scaramouche Balladeer. Therefore, with the forthcoming updates, especially the anticipated Sumeru introduction, players are hoping to see Collei Genshin Impact as a playable character soon.

After all, a lot of manga characters who have appeared in the manga have and will likely be able to join the play.

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