The new character in Genshin Impact, Thoma, may have settled in Inazuma but he is actually a Mondstadter. Now, he is called the Fixer in the Electro land thanks to his contribution to helping people. They adore him, even the powerful Kamisato family in Inazuma also does.

Thoma holds the name of Protector from Afar. The Pyro polearm wielder becomes playable in Genshin Impact 2.2 update and is featured beside Hu Tao in her banner rerun. While he shields Support scaling with HP like Diona, he can be very versatile in combat. Here’s Thoma build Genshin Impact guide for those who want to have him as their right arm.

Thoma 1
Here's how to build Thoma and make him undefeatable.

Thoma Talent Overview

1. Thoma Genshin Impact skills

As Thoma Normal Attack has a low multiplier, players should not use them too often. Meanwhile, his Elemental Skill is the same as Diona’s as he creates a Pyro shield with the one-time cleanse. However, his shield has an extra feature when the Elemental Burst is active.

Regarding the Elemental Burst, Thoma continuously generates Fiery Collapse that damages opponents in a small AOE every 1 second. This ability is triggered when the playing character uses their Normal Attack.

When an opponent gets attacked, Thoma also gives a shield to the active character. It can stack with his Elemental Skill and refresh the duration.

Unfortunately, this character needs a high amount of Energy. He cannot fill his own burst if there is no bonus Energy Recharge.

Thoma Skill
Players wanting to build Thoma needs to pay attention to backing up his Energy Charge.

2. Thoma Genshin Impact Constellations

With enough Energy Recharge and second Constellation, Thoma can have a 100% uptime on his shield. However, the recommended Constellation for Thoma build Genshin Impact and easier Energy is Constellation 4.

The Housekeeper has 80 Energy Cost for his Burst which means high demand for Energy is in existence. This issue will be solved by unlocking Constellation 4.

Thoma 2
The first two Constellations have made him stronger, but Constellation 4 will help big time.

Best Artifacts For Thoma

Players can craft Thoma build Genshin Impact in two ways: for him to be a damage dealer or a shielder. These are the best Thoma artifacts you will want to use for each role:

1. Thoma shield build

If you focus on building Thoma as a shielder, focus on HP mainly. Besides, Energy Recharge will also help cure his Energy problem. These are the artifact set you should use:

  • Emblem of Severed Fate x2 + Tenacity of the Millelith x2
  • Crimson Witch of Flames x2 + Tenacity of the Millelith x2
  • Noblesse Oblige x2 + Tenacity of the Millelith x2

While the Tenacity of the Millelith is the most ideal pick for Thoma, Retracing Bolide is not recommended. The Shield Strong bonus is just applied to characters who have this artifact equipped, so other characters will not benefit from it if Thoma uses Retracing Bolide.

Tenacity Of The Millelith Thoma
The Tenacity of the Millelith is the best artifact set for Thoma shield build.

2. Thoma Sub-DPS build

Even though he gains a damage bonus off his HP, it's not very optimal for damage. At the end of the day, Attack is a better choice for a Sub-DPS build.

  • Emblem of Severed Fate x4
  • Emblem of Severed Fate x2 + Noblesse Oblige x2
  • Noblesse Oblige x2 + Tenacity of the Millelith x2
  • Noblesse Oblige x2 + Crimson Witch of Flames x2
  • Crimson Witch of Flames x2 + Tenacity of the Millelith x2

In this case, the Emblem of Severed Fate 4-piece set will increase Thoma's Energy Recharge while also enhancing his Elemental Burst.

Best Weapon For Thoma

There are two focuses when it comes to Thoma’s best weapon: HP or Energy Recharge.

1. Energy Recharge

As Thoma desperately needs Energy Recharge to work well, these are the most amazing choices.

  • Engulfing Lightning
  • The Catch
  • Skyward Spine
  • Favonius Lance
  • Prototype Starglitter

The best-in-slot for Thoma’s damage is easily the Engulfing Lightning, which is also the signature weapon of Raiden Shogun. Meanwhile, the Catch outshines Skyward Spine as it is the best weapon for support characters.

If you cannot get The Catch, Prototype Starglitter and Favonius Lance can be viable substitutes.

Engulfing Lightning
Engulfing Lightning is a go-to in Thoma build Genshin Impact guide.

2. HP focus

If you want your Thoma build Genshin Impact to solely focus on HP, use either of these two polearms:

Staff of Homa is great for damage dealing. About Black Tassel, the 3-star grants a biff amount of HP, but you cannot rely on this weapon only to deal damage. And although you can replace them with Deathmatch or Wavebreaker's Fin, they are much less recommended.

Players can see the details about all Polearm weapons in Genshin Impact for a closer look.

Thoa Staff Of Homa
The Staff of Homa's banner is also running at the same time as Thoma's.

Thoma Team Comp

Thoma is an outstanding shielder and Pyro support that can fit various teams requiring Pyro Resonance, shielding, or Pyro Applications.

Thoma F2P team build

  • Reaction: Thoma
  • DPS: Aloy
  • Sub-DPS: Kaeya
  • Heal: Barbara
Thoma Kaeya
Thoma and Kaeya can be a dynamic duo.

Thoma premium team build

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