Sacrificial Offering is a quest players can complete in Inazuma. It is a pretty long quest but it also offers some really good rewards. In this quest, you will be helping Kazari to find and destroy some barriers and defeat the Mysterious Samurai.

In this article, we will guide you to find the barrier in Genshin Impact and complete the whole Sacrificial Offering Genshin Impact quest. Make sure you have time because completing this quest might take a long time.

1. Go to the Abandoned Shrine in Konda Village

To start the quest, players need to go to an Abandoned Shrine in Konda Village. You can find the shrine on the right side of the village.

The exact position of the shrine is marked in the image below.

Konda Village Shrine
The location of the Abandoned Shrine in Konda Village

After you find the shrine in Konda village, you need to find 3 Mysterious Shadows and gather them to the 3 Kitsune Statues to proceed with the quest.

You have to talk to each Mysterious Shadow twice for them to gather to the Kitsune Statues. Each time you talk to them, they will disappear and teleport to another location.

Mysterious Shadows
Find the Mysterious Shadows and talk to them

Here are the locations of the Mysterious Shadows:

  • You can find the first shadow in front of a small shrine near the entrance to the area. She will teleport to a kitsune statue along the road after you talk to her the first time.
  • The second shadow is in front of the main shrine Electroculus. You can find her again at the Sky Kitsune Statue to the southeast of the platform with the three kitsune statues.
  • The third and final Mysterious Shadow is on the roof of the shrine. You can find it again among the trees close to the 3 Kitsune Statues.

After all the 3 Mysterious Shadows gather at the 3 Kitsune Statues, you can get 3 Exquisite Chests. You will also find a Sacred Sakura Cleansing Summary on the platform in the middle of the 3 Kitsune Statues.

Exquisite Chests
You will find 3 Exquisite Chests and a Sacred Sakura Cleansing Summary.

2. Go to the Grand Narukami Shrine

You need to go to the Grand Narukami Shrine to get the Memento Lens. The Memento Lens is a unique gadget that can be used to observe the surrounding world.

Grand Narukami Shrine
Get the Memento Lens at the Grand Narukami Shrine

3. Go back to the Abandoned Shrine to investigate

Use the Memento Lens to observe the Earth Kitsune statues. These statues are pretty easy to find. You can use Elemental Sight to spot them.

There is a total of 6 Earth Kitsune statues. When you use the Memento Lens to observe an Earth Kitsune statue, you will see a scene. Three of the scenes contain the required lines to proceed but you must still watch all of them.

Memento Lens
Use the Memento Lens to obverse the Earth Kitsunes.

The exact locations of all the Earth Kitsune statues are marked in the image below.

Earth Kitsune Statue
The locations of the 6 Earth Kitsune Statues

Next, go in front of the Sky Kitsune Statue inside the Abandoned Shrine and recite these lines in this order:

  • "In the name of Narukami's envoy."
  • "And of the Hakushin bloodline.
  • "Bring forth the fried tofu!"

Then, you will be able to collect the Ward.

5. Find the barrier Genshin Impact

How to find the barrier Genshin Impact and where is the barrier in Konda village are the most searched questions during this quest.

In summary, the barrier is located inside a cave north of a small lake located south of the Abandoned Shrine.

There are 2 entrances to the barrier, one with a locked gate. You need a Rust-Worn Key to open it. You can find a Rust-Worn Key on top of a table under the well in Konda Village.

The other entrance is in the west of the locked gate. Defeat the enemies along the way and go all the way inside to complete the Find The Barrier Genshin Impact quest.

Find The Barrier Genshin Impact
The location of the Barrier Genshin Impact

Check out the videos below for more details of how to find the Barrier Genshin Impact.

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6. Destroy the barrier Genshin Impact

Inside the cave, you will find 5 shrine lanterns and a shrine emblem. So how to unlock the barrier in Genshin Impact? You need to change the number of petals on each shrine lantern to the correct number to solve the Find The Barrier Genshin puzzle.

Change the number of petals of the lantern in front of the emblem to 1. Change the number of petals of the central lantern to 2 and all other lanterns to 3. Now, pray at the lantern in front of the emblem to summon the Mysterious Samurai. Defeat the Mysterious Samurai to complete the Sacrificial Offering Genshin Impact quest.

Find The Barrier Genshin Puzzle
Adjust the number of petals on the lanterns to solve the puzzle

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