Genshin web event “Yummy! Barbecue Under The Stars” is ongoing with players being all in for the unique cooking challenge. Each dish comes with its unlock rewards and players will want to fill the whole archive before the time-limited event expires.

The Genshin Impact new web event continues your adventure with Xinyan, Childe, and the cute Shiki Taishou pet. It occurs from November 1 to November 7, 2021, and players at Adventure Rank 10 and above can join.

Here’s a breakdown of everything you need to do to make the best out of this fish grilling event.

Barbecue Under The Stars
“Yummy! Barbecue Under The Stars” is the ongoing Genshin Impact new web event that gives away Primogems, Mora, and more.

Barbecue Under The Stars Genshin Guide

Below are all the essentials to take up before you dig into the new Genshin web event.

Genshin web event link

There are two ways to access the event. You can choose the “Special Event” option in the game or head to the Barbecue Event link and visit the full page.

Players will see a brief tutorial before they can start cooking freely.

Genshin Fish Event
Visit Genshin web event link to get access to the main page.

How to get Barbecue ingredients

The web event is completed when you grill fish and unlock recipes in the Grilled Fish Archive. The grilled fish dishes in this Genshin Impact web event require three main materials: Fish, Seasoning, and Firewood.

1. Fish

We have three types of fish for the cooking challenge’s different recipes:

  • Medaka
  • Bitter Pufferfish
  • Golden Bass

Childe manages the fish catching procedure. He catches one every 6 hours and players can stack up a maximum of four in the basket right before him. You can even claim the fish before the basket is full. Check-in twice a day at least as once the count reaches 4, the timer would stop and so would Childe’s task.


2. Seasoning

Players can get 2 Seasoning daily using 40 Original Resin and doing 2 Daily Commissions. That means they can get 4 Seasoning each day in total.

On another hand, 4 Seasoning can be obtained once in the event by sharing the Genshin Impact web event once (before expiration), spending 5,000 Mora, and using 200 Original Resin. These will grant you 12 additional Seasoning in the end.

3. Firewood

Log in to Genshin Impact once every day to get 4 Firewood.

How To Grill Fish

Click the Start Grilling option in front of Xinyan to start your culinary challenge.

  • Choose the fish you want to grill.
  • Flip it and pull the Seasoning bottle on the right to Mild, Just Right, or Heavy. Choose wisely as the Seasoning level will determine the outcome of each dish.
  • Flip your fish until you have reached the desired level of doneness. When all is done, choose The grilled fish is ready! to show off your dish.
Doneness Level
Level of doneness required for specific dishes.

All Grilled Fish Dishes

Take a look at all the dishes in the Grilled Fish archive of the new Genshin web event.

1. Fresh and Juicy Grilled Fish

Both sides of the fish get half-cooked with just an ample amount of seasoning.

2. Grilled Fish with Mild Seasoning

A side of the fish has to be cooked perfectly (golden brown) with medium/light seasoning.

3. Wild Style Grilled Bitter Pufferfish

Bitter Putterfish required. Both sides have to be perfectly cooked (golden brown) with a seasoning of Just Right amount.

4. Exquisite Medaka Dish

Medaka fish required. The fish must be perfectly cooked (golden brown) on both sides with Just Right amount of seasoning.

Exquisite Medaka Dish
Follow our Barbecue Under The Stars guide to make all grilled dishes.

5. Perfectly Grilled Golden Bass

Golden Bass required. The fish must be perfectly cooked (golden brown) on both sides with Just Right amount of seasoning.

6. Ordinary Grilled Fish

Any fish will do. Cook both sides till they get a reddish color which is before the perfectly cooked golden brown. Add Just Right amount of seasoning.

7. Sashimi?

At least one side has to be uncooked, with light or medium seasoning.

8. Sashimi With Extra Thick Sauce?

At least one side has to be uncooked with heavy seasoning.

Raw Fish
Grill your fish and claim rewards now!

9. Grilled Fish With Strong Seasoning

One side of the fish has to be perfectly cooked (golden brown), with a heavy amount of seasoning.

10. Charred Grilled Fish

One fish side is burnt. Any amount of seasoning will do.

11. Grilled Black Snakehead

Both sides of your fish must be burnt, with any amount of seasoning.

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Hidden Dishes In Web Event

Our Barbecue Under The Stars guide also reveals the five secret recipes in the Grilled Fish archive. There are actually no hints in the game to help you discover them. So to leave no stone unturned, we have them all exposed here:

Genshin Web Event
Genshin web event also has secret dishes players can randomly make.

1. Grilled Fish That Broke Through Dimensions

Any kind of fish is eligible for this recipe. Cook both sides until a hole is burned through it. Add any amount of seasoning.

2. Explosive and Overcooked Grilled Fish

Medaka fish is a must. Grill both sides fully and sprinkle Just Right amount of seasoning.

3. Grilled Fish Beyond Space and Time

Medaka fish is required. Grill both sides fully and apply Just Right amount of seasoning.

4. Amazing Grilled Fish That Impressed Paimon

Golden Bass is required. A side of the fish has to be fully grilled, while the remaining side must be burnt with Just Right amount of seasoning.

5. Number One Grilled Fish in Teyvat

Currently unknown. We will update you as soon as possible.

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