Much like every other gamer, Genshin Impact players should make it their tactic to understand all in-game resources and how to make them a benefit. Original Resin Genshin Impact is an energy mechanic that is used in many essential ventures in the game.

Read on to know what it is and how it works.

Here's how you can use Original Resin in Genshin Impact.

What is Original Resin Genshin Impact?

Original Resin is a resource that is depleted by specific activities. On completion, it will be consumed to make the reward of that action available for you to get.

In short, Original Resin Genshin Impact is needed for players to get rewards from Ley Line Blossoms, Petrified Blossoms (in Domains), and Trounce Blossoms found in Weekly and Elite boss fights.

  • Ley Line Blossoms cost 20 Resin
  • Petrified Trees cost 20 Resin
  • Elite Bosses cost 40 Resin
  • Weekly Bosses cost 60 Resin
Resin Boss Fight
Each kind of fight demands a different amount of Resin.

Players have to be at least AR8 to be able to use Original Resin. Grind your AR fast to redeem nice prizes from activities that require Original Resin!

How to restore Original Resin in Genshin Impact

1. Restores automatically

Over time, Original Resin recovers at the rate of 1 every 8 minutes. Although it sounds quite lengthy, not all activities need Original Resin and it also recovers after you close the game.

For it to fully recover from 0 to 160 Resin, we need 20 hours.

2. Restored using Primogems

As an energy-based system, Original Resin can totally be recharged through in-game currency. The process can be done 6 times daily with the costs increasing after each use.

A purchase can refill half the highest value of Original Resin, which is 60. Check out the list for the Primogem cost.

Primogem Price Restored Amount 
1st try 50 60
2nd try 100 60
3rd try 100 60
4th try 150 60
5th try 200 60
6th try 200 60

3. Restored using Fragile Resin

On another hand, you can also use Fragile Resin to restore the Original without having to spend Primogems. Fragile Resin can be obtained from Battle Pass, Events, or Adventure Rank level-ups.

Fragile Resin Consumable
Use Fragile Resin to restore Original Resin.

How to use Original Resin Genshin Impact

1. Ley Line Outcrops

The Ley Line Outcrops offer splendid EXP materials and more. While bosses like Azhdaha, Oceanid give items for ascensions, EXP materials are also necessary for all characters especially the new forthcoming ones.

2. Domains

Use Original Resin on Domains to redeem your rewards. Same to boss loots, Domains also hand out ascension materials and the needed resin for domains are cheaper. Therefore, getting materials from Domain before Elite bosses are totally recommended.

In the later stages, Domains will also become your ideal area to farm rare Artifacts for your party.

Genshin Domain
Fight in domains before moving on to Elite bosses.

3. Convert into Condensed Resin

Condensed Resin is a highly rarified currency.

Players can store 120 Original Resin maximum to convert it into Condensed Resin. It is a crafted Resin that can help you claim twice the amount of goodies from Domain and Ley Line Blossoms.

The recipe to make Condensed Resin is achieved by reaching the 3rd Reputation Level in Liyue. It needs 40 Original Resin, a Crystal Core, and 100 More to be made. Players who want to unlock Liyue reputation must be at AR 25 at lease and have done the Archon quest Chapter 1: Act 11 "Farewell, Archaic Lord".

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