The Moment of Bloom event is ongoing and you can roll Sayu, Diona, Hu Tao, or Thoma. Thoma is the latest Genshin Impact character released on November 2.

Along with his release are the still-in-the-spotlight Tsurumi Island and a brand new item for character ascension. You will need a bunch of Fluorescent Fungus to ascend Thoma and develop his full potentials for the battles.

By the end of this article, you will be able to find all Genshin Impact Fluorescent Fungus locations and upgrade Thoma.

Thoma Genshin
You will need Genshin Impact Fluorescent Fungus to ascend Thoma to the highest level.

Genshin Impact Fluorescent Fungus farming guide

Thoma recently becomes available in Genshin Impact with an also very hot weapon, Staff of Homa. You should start farming Fluorescent Fungus right now on Tsurumi Island for Thoma’s ascension. The kicker is this area is covered in dangerous mists and going off direction can make you get lost.

Therefore, you should first clear the mists to ensure multiple areas on the island will be clear and sound.

Fluorescent Fungus Genshin
Make sure you have managed to clear the fog before venturing into Tsurumi island quests.

Here are two locations to find Genshin Impact Fluorescent Fungus:

1. North Tsurumi Island

Fluorescent Fungus was introduced alongside Tsurumi Island in the latest Genshin Impact update. Tsurumi Island is the southernmost island in the Inazuma region, located southwest of Seirai Island.

You may see some places that make it seem like the items are floating on the water. But the fact is you have to complete the puzzles in the Shirikoro Peak region which will lead you to the ruins beneath the mountain and the underwater ways heading to Chirai Shrine.

Players will find several clusters of Fluorescent Fungus here.

North Tsurumi
You can see the places to get Fluorescent Fungus on the northern part of Tsurumi Island on the map above.

2. Southern Tsurumi Island

Several nodes of the fungus are clustered together. In some locations like Moshiri Ceremonial Site, players may even find a dozen of them gathering very close to one another. You cannot go wrong if you go check out Chirai Shrine and the Autake Plains’ south area.

South Tsurumi
You will have the best luck finding Fluorescent Fungus near Shirikora Peak and Mt. Kanna.

Fluorescent Fungus Uses

At the time of writing, the material is not used for anything rather than Thoma’s ascension material. If there is any recipe that calls for Fluorescent Fungus in the future, we will update as soon as possible.

Also, as it takes 168 of a local specialty for a single character to reach Ascension 6, it is best you begin the farming as soon as possible.

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