Qiqi is a 5 star Cryo Sword character in Genshin Impact. She is probably one of the best healers in Genshin Impact to date, with both her skill and burst being a constant source of healing. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the best Qiqi team comps for Cryo Support.

Qiqi is the best healer in Genshin Impact.

While healing is certainly useful, current Genshin Impact content doesn't really need too much healing, as you can either use a shield or just dodge and avoid taking damage. Qiqi kit pretty much cages her into that role, as Cryo application isn't entirely reliable for battle. That's why she is usually considered one of the worst characters in the game. Furthermore, she also has an energy problem, with a low energy yield at 0 Constellation.

1. High-End Qiqi Team Comps

Qiqi Melt team

Character Role Artifact Constellation
Qiqi Support Ocean-Hued Clam (4) Any
Bennett Support Noblesse Oblige (4) C4+
Diluc Main DPS Crimson Witch Of Flames (4) Any
Venti Sub DPS/Support Viridescent Venerer (4) Any

Qiqi is the main healer of the team, applying heal with her skill and burst when needed. She will be the main Cryo applier of the team, allowing Diluc to deal high damage with Melt.

Bennett is the buff support, who boosts ATK of the whole team and provides Diluc with Pyro resonance. Venti is the crowd control character who groups up enemies and swirl Cryo or Pyro to spread the element around.

Diluc is the main Pyro damage dealer. He can be replaced by other Pyro characters such as Xiangling or Klee. Hu Tao is not a good character to use in combination with Qiqi, as her heal would ruin Hu Tao's damage boost passive.

Diluc Genshin Impact
Diluc is a solid Pyro DPS to trigger Melt.

Qiqi main DPS comp (with Raiden)

Character Role Artifact Constellation
Qiqi Main DPS Pale Flame (2) + Bloodstained Chivalry (2) Any
Raiden Sub DPS/Support Emblem Of Severed Fate (4) Any
Albedo Sub DPS/Support Husk Of Opulent Dreams (4) Any
Zhongli Sub DPS/Support Tenacity Of The Millelith (4) Any

If you want to run Qiqi as a DPS (for meme purposes), it is actually possible with this lineup. She is one of the few characters who can build full physical damage without losing out much. Raiden, Zhongli, Albedo are here to be sub DPS supports for her.

Qiqi can deal decent Phys damage with superconduct provided by Raiden and geo resonance + extra shred from Zhongli. Just stack as much dmg as you can onto Qiqi (she won't need to heal that much with Zhongli's shield).

Albedo stack defense/crit/crit dmg to make his E do as much as possible as he will help carry a lot of the DPS on this team. Baal is here to be the burst support and Electro enabler.

It is possible to have a Qiqi team build for DPS with the support of Raiden.

2. Mid-Tier Qiqi Team Comps

Qiqi Superconduct team

Character Role Artifact Constellation
Razor Main DPS Gladiator's Finale (4) C6 (if possible)
Fischl Support/Sub DPS Thundering Fury (4) C6 (if possible)
Chongyun Support Blizzard Strayer (2) + Noblesse Oblige (2) C6 (if possible)
Qiqi Sub DPS/Support Ocean-Hued Clam (4) Any

This team comp revolves around Qiqi and Chongyun enabling Cryo for Razor and Fischl triggering Superconduct. Razor is the main DPS of the team who reduces enemies DEF with his C4, while dealing damage with his kit amplified by Superconduct.

Fischl provides Electro resonance for Razor and constant Electro application with Oz. This allows a double Cryo + double Elec to work, as Cryo resonance reduces Elec duration by 40%. Chongyun resonates with Qiqi to provide the team with Cryo resonance. He also serves as an alternate Cryo applier for Qiqi, whose skills are not really reliable.

A lot of components in this team can be replaced, except for Fischl - she is just too valuable a support if you want to run Electro Superconduct.

Fischl Genshin
Fischl is great for Superconduct Qiqi team Genshin Impact

Qiqi Permafrost team

Character Role Artifact Constellation
Ayaka Main DPS Blizzard Strayer (4) Any
Mona Support Noblesse Oblige (4) Any
Qiqi Support Ocean-Hued Clam (4) Any
Venti Sub DPS Viridescent Venerer (4) Any

Ayaka is the main DPS of the team, dealing damage with her Burst and applying Cryo to react with Hydro from Mona for freezing. Mona is the main support of the team, spreading Hydro with her skill and burst.

Qiqi serves as the side Cryo applier and provides Ayaka with Cryo resonance, which increases her attack damage. She also heals to keep the team's HP up.

Venti's main role is for crowd control, as usual. He groups enemies up with his ability and spread Hydro from Mona around. afterward, Ayaka's Cryo application can affect enemies more effectively.

Genshin Kamisato Ayaka
Ayaka is a valuable member of Qiqi team build for Perma-frost.

3. F2P Qiqi Team Comp

This lineup is designed for complete f2p and new players who want to build around Qiqi's support potential. This is how you can make Qiqi more effective even with a free squad.

Character Role Artifact Constellation
Qiqi Heal + Main DPS Any Any
Amber Support Any Any
Fischl Sub DPS Any Any
Xiangling Sub DPS Any Any

This lineup works similar to the Qiqi DPS line up, with players building the character around Physical damage. Amber and Xiangling would unlock Pyro elemental resonance for more damage while Fischl would occasionally trigger Superconduct to provide extra Phys. Xiangling and Qiqi can also trigger burst Melt damage as well.

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