Jean is a 5-star Anemo Sword character in Genshin Impact. She is a versatile character that can easily fit into any team comp. Due to the nature of her Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst, people usually run her as a sub-DPS or main support. However, with the right team, she can definitely be the main DPS. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the best Jean team comp for high DPS.

One of the first characters to be released in Genshin Impact

1. Best Jean Team Comp (Sub DPS/Support)

This is Jean's main role in the team. She can crowd control with her elemental skill, launching enemies close to each other to deal damage. Her burst's healing component scales on her ATK stat, which is very substantial and can keep your team at full even in the hardest content.

Jean Superconduct team #1

Character Role Artifact Constellation
Keqing Main DPS Thundering Fury (2) + Gladiator's Finale (2) Any
Chongyun Sub DPS Blizzard Strayer (4) C2 +
Diona Support/Healer Maiden Beloved (4) Any
Jean Sub DPS/Healer Viridescent Venerer (4) Any

Keqing's Charge Attack DMG is maximized via Superconduct reaction of Chongyun's Cryo. By getting Chongyun to C2, players would be able to lower the CD of Keqing's burst.

Diona's job is to shield and provide the team with Cryo Resonance for extra crits. Jean's job is to crowd control and heal - due to her nature of being Anemo, she won't remove Cryo application on enemies. Additionally, Jean also serves as the battery for Keqing's burst.

Genshin Impact Keqing
Jean is a fairly effective support for Keqing.

Jean Superconduct team #2

Character Role Artifact Constellation
Eula Main DPS Pale Flame (4) Any
Raiden Shogun Support/Sub DPS Emblem of Severed Fate (4) Any
Rosaria Support/Sub DPS Blizzard Strayer (2) + Noblesse Oblige (2) C6 (if possible)
Jean Sub DPS/Healer Viridescent Venerer (4) Any

The core of this Jean team comp is Eula's Elemental Burst and Superconduct reaction. In a proper combo, her burst can deal an absurd amount of Phys damage.

Raiden Shogun is the main support and enabler of the team, providing Electro application to trigger Superconduct. She also boosts Eula's burst with her Elemental Skill and can be the on-field damage dealer when Eula is on cooldown.

Raiden team is the most powerful amongst Genshin Impact Jean team comp.

Rosaria mainly serve as the Sub DPS in this comp, acting as Eula's battery. She also unlocks Cryo resonance for the team. Furthermore, if you have Rosaria at C6, she can reduce the physical Res of enemies to boost Eula even further.

Jean's job in this comp is to swirl and reduce enemies' elemental RES. She can also fire her burst occasionally to heal when needed.

Jean Swirl Team

Character Role Artifact Constellation
Xiao Main DPS Viridescent Venerer (4) Any
Chongyun Support/Sub DPS Blizzard Strayer (4) C2 +
Zhongli Support/Sub DPS Tenacity of the Millelith (4) Any
Jean Sub DPS/Healer Viridescent Venerer (4) Any

Xiao is the main DPS of this Jean team comp. His plunge attack deals AOE Anemo DMG while his Elemental Burst allows him to spam it repeatedly. Chongyun's elemental skill lowers Xiao's burst cooldown.

Zhongli's main purpose is to shield the team up and increase their ATK by triggering the effect of the Tenacity of the Millelith set.

Jean serves as a battery for Xiao's Elemental Burst. Furthermore, she also enables Anemo resonance to increase movement speed and decrease CD for Xiao.

Xiao Weapons
Not many Anemo characters can deal as much damage as Xiao.

Jean Vaporize Team

Character Role Artifact Constellation
Diluc Main DPS Crimson Witch of Flames (4) Any
Xingqiu Support/Sub DPS Noblesse Oblige (4) Any
Xiangling Support/Sub DPS Emblem of Severed Fate (4) Any
Jean Sub DPS/Healer Viridescent Venerer (4) Any

This team mainly focuses on Diluc triggering Vaporize from Xingqiu's Hydro application. Xiangling is there for Pyro resonance and some extra damage. Jean's role is to swirl with the Venerer set to reduce enemies' Pyro res.

Diluc Genshin Impact
Diluc team is one of the classic squad in Genshin.

2. Best Jean Main DPS Team Comp

Jean is one of the earliest characters ever released in Genshin Impact. Because of that, she is fairly underpowered and has worse skill synergy in comparison with the newer characters. Furthermore, she is an Anemo character, which is not a great element for dealing damage. The only way to build Jean DPS effectively is probably around Superconduct:

Jean DPS Superconduct

Character Role Artifact Constellation
Jean Main DPS Pale Flame (4) Any
Rosaria Support/Sub DPS Blizzard Strayer (2) + Noblesse Oblige (2) C6 (if possible)
Fischl Support/Sub DPS Thundering Fury (4) C6 (if possible)
Bennett Sub DPS/Healer Noblesse Oblige (4) C5 (if possible)

In this superconduct lineup, your main combo is to trigger superconduct constantly with Rosaria and off-field Fischl for an extra Phys damage boost. Rosaria's crit rate boost is moderately useful, while Fischl serves as a battery and Electro enabler.

Bennett is probably the best support for this comp, as he can boost damage for the whole team. Furthermore, he can also inflict Pryo for Melt if needed.

Fischl Genshin
Almost no one can beat Fischl if you need an off-field Electro Applicator.

3. F2P Jean Team Comp

This lineup is designed for complete f2p and new players who only have Jean as a sole 5 star. This is how you can make Jean more effective even with a free squad. If you've been playing for a while, this lineup is not needed.

Character Role Artifact Constellation
Jean Support Any Any
Xiangling Main DPS Any Any
Kaeya Sub DPS Any Any
Bennett Support/Sub DPS Any Any

Jean support the team with crowd control and healing. Xiangling is the main DPS, triggering Melt from Kaeya's support.

Bennett is the main support/Sub DPS with his burst, buff and pyro resonance. Kaeya enables melt by spamming his skill. Against crowd, Jean's swirl can spread Cryo amongst them.

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