Hu Tao is a Pyro Polearm character who's often regarded as the best DPS character in Genshin Impact. However, due to her special mechanic of gaining a damage boost at low HP, Hu Tao is very hard to play and need a good team (and the Staff of Homa) to properly support her damage. In this article, we are going to showcase some of the best Hu Tao team comp for high DPS.

Hu Tao damage
You can deal millions of damage with the right Genshin Impact Hu Tao team comp.

1. Best Hu Tao team comp (high end)

  • Hu Tao + Xingqiu + Zhongli + Albedo

Overall, this particular team comp of Xingqiu + 2 Geo can yield the highest damage output from Hu Tao. Xingqiu is pretty much the best teammate for Hu Tao - they synergize so well it is super hard to justify replacing him with anybody else.

Hu Tao and Xingqiu Genshin Impact
Xingqiu is the main component of all Hu Tao team comps.

As Hu Tao's charge attack does not have a cooldown, it can be launched repeatedly. Amongst Hydro skills, only Xingqiu's rain sword attack can apply Hydro to keep up with that. Furthermore, his damage reduction and small healing increments are absolutely welcome, as you only need a bit of healing to keep your HP just below 50%.

Meanwhile, Zhongli is probably the best protection that a Hu Tao main can have. He provides a sturdy shield that prevents her from getting one-shotted or combo killed by the mobs. The fact that Zhongli also has a bit of damage is also a good bonus.

Zhongli makes Hu Tao much easier to play - this is why he is always included in any best Hu Tao team comp.

Lastly, Albedo is one of the best characters for passive damage with his ability to remain off-field for 30 seconds and still be useful. His Geo boost from the resonance and elemental mastery boost also make the job easier for Hu Tao.

2. Hu Tao mid-tier team comp (no 5 stars)

  • Hu Tao + Xingqiu + Xiangling + Sucrose

Overall, this team is the best budget option if you don't have the support from 5 star characters like Zhongli. As this Hu Tao team comp does not have a dedicated healer or shielder, users might struggle a bit in Spiral Abyss. As all characters are 4 stars, you should be able to get high level constellations much easier.

As explained above, Xingqiu is still the best teammate for Hu Tao. It is important to not take damage with your supports, as Hu Tao can heal herself through her burst with Xingqiu's aid.

Xiangling's role is to provide Pyro resonance and Pyro boost via her 1st and 6th constellations. The Chili that Guoba drops after 4th ascension also plays a role.

Xiangling 5
Xiangling is the best Pyro Resonance for Hu Tao to deal damage.

Sucrose is very valuable when your team mostly deals one type of damage, and in this case, it is Pyro from Hu Tao. Sucrose can use the Viridescent Veneer set to reduce enemy resistance to the element she swirls with by 40%. While other characters can use this set, Sucrose can pass off elemental mastery to Hu Tao, which leads to even bigger reaction damage.

3. Hu Tao AoE team comp (electro)

  • Hu Tao + Xingqiu + Fishchl + Beidou

The main combo is still Hu Tao + Xingqiu. Also, this team comp uses Fischl and Beidou for their off-field support abilities. Their Electro resonance means electro particles would be generated everywhere. Fischl's Oz is a great source of off-field damage - you can just release him and switch to some other character.

Genshin Impact Fischl And Oz
Fischl And Oz can inflict damage while staying off-field.

Beidou synergizes pretty well with Xingqiu, especially on C1. Her chain lightning from the charged attack has great AOE and has good potential when combined with Hydro application. This solves Hu Tao's problem with dealing AoE damage.

The best part of this team, however, is their combined electrocharged reactions, where both Hydro and Electro are applied on an enemy. This means Hu Tao would be able to apply both Vaporize and Overloaded, which generates particles.

4. Hu Tao F2P team comp

  • Hu Tao + Amber + Kaeya + Noelle

This is the absolute simplest comp that you can use with Hu Tao if you are a new player and do not have many characters to choose from. Amber, Kaeya and Noelle are all free and can be acquired by playing the story.

Amber is the weakest character in Genshin, and her only role in Hu Tao team comp is to provide Elemental Resonance.

If you cannot dodge as Hu Tao and don't have Zhongli, just use Noelle.

Kaeya, on the other hand, is useful. He can spread Cryo around so that Hu Tao can trigger Melt and deal big damage.

Noelle is a decent enough shielder for easier content. Her shield can keep Hu Tao alive to make use of her low HP damage boost.

5. Hu Tao team comp without Xingqiu

As explained above, Xingqiu is pretty much the best character to enable Hu Tao's massive damage. If you want to replace him, it is best to stick with similar Hydro support characters such as Mona or Barbara. If you have Xiangling at a high constellation, you can run her alongside Hu Tao and 2 support characters.

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