Mona is a 5-star Hydro Catalyst character in Genshin Impact. Overall, Mona is rather considered as a sub DPS than main due to how little her abilities and constellations benefit her than her team. Players can build a lineup around Mona based on Permafrost, Vaporize or Electro-Charged. In this article, we are going to showcase the best Mona team comp for Support and DPS.

Mona Genshin
Best Mona team comp Genshin for Support and DPS

1. Best Mona Team Comp (High End)

CharacterRoleArtifact SetConstellation Level
DilucMain DPS/SupportCrimson Witch of Flames (4)Any
MonaSub DPSEmblem Of Severed Fate (4)Any
GanyuSub DPS/SupportWanderer's Troupe (4)Any
BennettHealer/SupportNoblesse Oblige (4)C5

The main role of Mona in this team comp is to start off an elemental reaction chain. Start with her applying Hydro then switch to Ganyu's Cryo and finally finish with Diluc's Pyro to trigger Melt. Overall, Diluc would be the finisher of the combo, making use of Wolf's Gravestone. Try to save his elemental skill to trigger either Vaporize or Melt for big damage.

Diluc can be a great combo finisher with his burst.

Ganyu can freeze multiple enemies at one and serve the role of a sub DPS in this lineup. Bennett is the final piece of the lineup, providing attack buff and healing.

2. Mona Support Team Comp - Vaporize/Melt

CharacterRoleArtifact SetConstellation Level
Hu TaoMain DPSCrimson Witch of Flames (4)Any
MonaSupportNoblesse Oblige (4)Any
SucroseSub DPSViridescent Venerer (4)C6
DionaHealer/SupportMaiden Beloved (4)C6

Hu Tao is the main DPS in this lineup, with focuses on trigging Vaporize and Melt for big damage. Mona's elemental burst can increase team damage and spread Hydro with the aid of Sucrose. Sucrose provides Elemental Mastery for team members while Diona shield and provide Cryo to trigger Melt.

Hu Tao Rerun Banner
Hu Tao is one of the best damage dealer in the game.

3. Mona Team Comp - Permafrost

CharacterRoleArtifact SetConstellation Level
GanyuMain DPSNoblesse Oblige (2) + Blizzard Strayer (2)Any
MonaSupportNoblesse Oblige (4)Any
DionaHealer/SupportMaiden Beloved (4)C5
VentiSub DPSViridescent Venerer (4)Any

Ganyu is the main DPS in this lineup, triggering Freezing using her elemental burst combined with Mona's Hydro application. Mona's burst can deal good damage and spread Hydro to all enemies with the help of Venti's Anemo.

Diona protects the team with her shield and provides Ganyu with elemental resonance. She also boosts Ganyu's burst recharge time. Venti's main role is crowd control - he can also deal some extra damage with his powerful ability.

Best Ganyu Comp
Ganyu is a ranged attacker which is much easier to use to combo with Mona.

4. Mona Team Comp - Permafrost #2

CharacterRoleArtifact SetConstellation Level
AyakaMain DPSBlizzard Strayer (4)Any
MonaSupportNoblesse Oblige (4)Any
DionaHealer/SupportMaiden Beloved (4)C5
KazuhaSupportViridescent Venerer (4)Any

This lineup is more or less the melee version of the previous one, with Ayaka being the main damage dealer instead of Ganyu. The combo is also the same, with Kazuha grouping up enemies for Mona's burst and Ayaka attacks. However, with Kazuha providing more bonuses than Venti, this team comp deals a bit more elemental damage.

Ayaka Jade Cutter
Ayaka has great synergy with Mona and her Hydro abilities.

5. Mona DPS Team Comp - Electro Charged

CharacterRoleArtifact SetConstellation
MonaMain DPSEmblem of Severed Fate (4)Any
BeidouSub DPSEmblem of Severed Fate (4)C6 (optional)
FischlSub DPSThundering Fury (4)C6 (optional)
JeanHealer/SupportMaiden Beloved (4)Any

This is a mid tier budget lineup that revolves around Mona being the main damage dealer with Electro Charged. Beidou and Fischl are great sub DPS/support, with the former's burst and the latter's skill dealing damage while off-field. This allows Mona's basic attacks to trigger electro-charged repeatedly.

Jean serves as a healer/support with her ability to reduce enemies' elemental resistance.

Fischl is the best support for an electro charged lineup.

6. Mona F2P Team Comp

This lineup is designed for complete f2p and new players who only have Mona as a sole 5 star. This is how you can make Mona more effective even with a free squad.

CharacterRoleArtifact SetConstellation
MonaMain DPSEmblem of Severed Fate (4)Any
XianglingSub DPSEmblem of Severed Fate (4)Any
AmberSub DPSNoblesse Oblige (4)Any
BarbaraSupportOcean-Hued Clam (4)Any

In this lineup, Mona will act as both a damage dealer and support for the team. Xiangling's skills must come first before Mona's to get the most out of Vaporize reaction. Amber serves in a full support role, giving Xiangling Pyro resonance and providing some crowd control.

Barbara's role is to back everyone up with her healing and provide Hydro resonance to Mona.

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