Genshin Impact 2.4 update is almost here - it is one of the most anticipated patches to date. This update is going to include a brand new area called Enkanomiya, featuring a lot of new content, mechanisms and puzzles to complete. In this article, we are going to showcase all the upcoming new mechanics in Genshin Impact 2.4 Enkanomiya.

1. Whitenight and Evernight

Enkanomiya is a huge floating island located beneath the ocean, the birthplace of an ancient civilization, hidden from direct sunlight. Because of that, there's no difference between day and night and the island has to use an artificial light source named Dainichi Mikoshi.

Whitenight and Evernight
Whitenight and Evernight in Enkanomiya

Players can use a special mechanism linked to the Dainichi Mikoshi to change the location's time cycle (Whitenight and Evernight). This function unlocks after the Golden Brindle of Enkanomiya is gained via story missions.

special mechanic
Players can switch between the two states using a special mechanic

2. Puzzles with Evernight and Whitenight mechanics

By changing the day and night state, different mechanisms and environments would be unlocked all over the island. Players will have to use this mechanism to solve the puzzles in order to continue exploring. For example, if players discover a mechanism that is currently damaged and switches to Evernight, it will automatically repair itself.

Puzzles all over the map
Puzzles all over the map would change their states.

However, the changes reset if you switch between the day and night state - you might need to do the puzzle again to access the previously open area.

new mechanics
There are plenty of new mechanics as well.

3. Places of Essence Worship

This is a new mechanism that bestows a buff effect in Enkanomiya. The buff would change based on the current state of the map. However, its effect is still unknown.

Whitenight mode
Places of Essence Worship in Whitenight mode
Places of Essence Worship
Places of Essence Worship in Evernight mode

4. Key Sigils

Players will come across glowing Key Sigils when exploring Enkanomiya. There are a total of 5 sigils and each of them can release the seal with a matching image. The locations of Key Sigils are on the mini-map.

Key Sigils
Key Sigils can be used to unlock various secrets all over Enkanomiya.

5. Ghostfish

Players can use the Ghostfish in Enkanomiya to move around. Just glide into the middle of a school of Ghostfish to continuously glide upward. However, players should be careful, as the effect disappears if they stray too far from the center.

Ghostfish allows players to move upward vertically.

6. Bathysmal Vishap

Vishap bosses are going to be one of the events in Enkanomiya

These creatures live in groups in the pitch-dark watery depths for years; they have adapted to the dark and are formidable predators. Influenced by Enkanomiya's unique environment, some of these Vishaps have become extremely cunning and ferocious. They can also work together to unleash more powerful attacks.

When their special attack hits their target, it absorbs energy from the target and deals additional damage. The less energy the target has, the more damage it will take.

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