Yae Miko is an exceptionally powerful character in Genshin Impact. She was one of the most underappreciated units on her first release. Her Electro reaction was a bit underwhelming until the introduction of Dendro element.

At present, she is one of the best sub-DPS units and an important part in several Dendro teams. If you are willing to pull for Yae Miko in Genshin Impact, we have got you covered.

Our guide will inform you about the necessary Yae Miko ascension materials you need to find in order to ascend her as fast as possible.

Yae Miko ascension materials

The materials to ascend this Kitsune shall not be too hard to collect. You can get most of them from the current nature and enemies in the game.

Yae Miko Ascension
List of Yae Miko's ascension and talent materials.

Yae Miko ascension materials are:

  • Vajrada Amethyst items x25
  • Vajrada Amethyst Silver x1
  • Vajrada Amethyst Fragment x9
  • Vajrada Amethyst Chunk x9
  • Vajrada Amethyst Gemstone x6
  • Dragonheir’s False Fin x46
  • Sea Ganoderma x168
  • Old Handguard x18
  • Kageuchi Handguard x30
  • Famed Handguard x36

1. Dragonheir’s False Fin

How can you find Dragonheir’s False Fin? Players can obtain this material as drops from the Bathysmal Vishap Herd. This boss is in Enkanomiya, the new underwater region in Inazuma.

A Bathysmal Vishap Herd will drop 2-3 of these items once you defeat them and open for a cost of 40 Resins.

Dragonheirs False Fin
Defeat these Vishaps will earn you the essential Yae Miko ascension mat: Dragonheir's False Fins.

2. Sea Ganoderma

This plant spawns on the beach and tidal flats around the shore in Inazuma.

Players can find this Inazuma local specialty in the wild every 2 real-world days. On another hand, they can plant 12 Sea Ganoderma in the Serenitea Pot every 70 hrs.

Another tactic is to grow them in the Serenitea Pot or purchase from a vendor named Obata in Ritou. Obata will sell five of them every three days, seach costs 1,000 Mora.

If you want to ascend other units like Kazuha - one of the most versatile 5-star characters in the game.

Sea Ganoderma Locations 3
You can find the plant in the wild or plant it in your teapot.

3. Handguards

Yae Miko will also use the drops from Nobushi and Kairagi from the Electro land. You can search for these warriors across the land, especially Yashiori Island.

A level 90 Yae requires 18 Old Handguards, 30 Kageuchi Handguards, and 36 Famed Handguards.

This is also a very handy material as you can use it to uplift the ascension of Ayato, Ayaka, Raiden Shogun, Wanderer, and more.

Handguards are materials for Ayaka, Yae Miko and more.

4. Vajrada Amethyst

Last but not least, you can get these purple gemstones after defeating Electro elemental bosses such as the Electro Hypostasis or the Coral Defenders. A list of bosses you can defeat to collect this purple item are:

  • Thunder Manifestation
  • Primo Geovishap
  • Electro Regisvine
  • Iniquitous Baptist
  • Millennial Pearl Seahorse
  • Childe (Enter the Golden House)
  • Azhdaha (Beneath the Dragon Queller)
  • Scaramouche (Joururi Workshop)
  • Dvalin (Confront Stormterror)

You can also craft them at any Alchemy Table so it will not be too hard of a task.

Yae Miko talent materials

To maximize Miko's Talents, you need:

  • Teachings of Light x9
  • Guide to Light x63
  • Philosophies of Light x114
  • Old Handguard x18
  • Kageuchi Handguard x66
  • Famed Handguard x93
  • The Meaning of Aeons x18
  • Crown of Insight x3

1. Handguards

As mentioned before, players can find these as drops from Nobushi and Kairagi. In detail, we need to gather 18 Old Handguard, 66 Kageuchi Handguards, and 93 Famed Handguards.

2. Light Series

You may obtain these talent-level books in the Violet Court Domain on Sunday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

To have Yae Miko's Talents maxed, you need 9 Teachings of Light, 63 Guides to Light, and 114 Philosophies of Light.

3. The Meaning of Aeons (Raiden Shogun boss drop)

The Meaning of Aeons is a Level-Up Material used when leveling certain Combat Talents beyond base Level 6.

The trounce domain released in Genshin Impact 2.5 featuring Raiden Shogun as the weekly boss is the only way you can get this drop.

In case you struggle to defeat her, Gurugamer also has an instruction that can guide you through the battle.

Raiden Shogun New Model
Raiden Shogun weekly boss?

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Yae Miko release date

First and foremost, the owner of the Yae Publishing House and the overseer of the Grand Narukami Shrine – Yae Miko, arrived on February 16, 2022, during version 2.5.

Yae Miko Genshin
The waifu of all Genshin players is finally coming to the game.

Yae Miko is a 5-star Electro catalyst wielder. Her weapon looks like a purple relic with bells, also called a Kaura Suzu.

Many players may have pulled Yae Miko but have not known how to use her effectively. This Electro unit will perform excellently in Aggravate and Hyperbloom teams with the best party members.

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