Ayato is arriving in Genshin Impact update 2.6 as the newest 5-star character. Everyone is getting more hyped than ever about the release of Ayaka’s big brother.

However, you can only make him live up to his expectation with the right amount of ascension and level materials. One of the items to make him a super insane sub-DPS or DPS is Handguards which you can get from Nobushi enemies.

So, where are these Nobushi locations, and what is the best Handguard farming Genshin route? Check below.

Ayato Materials
Here's how to get to all Nobushi locations and farm Handguards for Ayato.

Genshin Impact Nobushi locations

As a matter of fact, all Nobushi Genshin enemies are found in the Inazuma islands only. Therefore, there’s no need to wander around other regions in your world to look for this material.

The most recommended places to take a look are Seirai Island, Narukami Island, Watatsumi Island. See the farming route as below:

Seirai Island

You can find a Statue of Seven and four Teleport waypoints here and they will help you approach closer to the Nobushi.

Seirai Island Island
You can start from any teleport waypoint or from the Statue of Seven.

Narukami Island

The next location to find Nobushi Genshin Impact and farm the Handguards is Narukami Island. You should head to these regions’ teleport waypoints in order to farm this Ayato material:

  • Ritou
  • Konda Village
  • Grand Narukami Shrine
  • Kamisato Estate
  • Chinju Forest
Narukami Island Nobushi
Some Nobushi can be far-off the starting point.

As some of these enemies are quite far from the teleport points, most players seem to ignore them. However, if you want to have as many Handguards as possible, don’t be shy and go get them now.

Watatsumi Island

The most important path to farming Handguards is the northern teleport waypoint on Borou Village and Watatsumi. It is worth noting that some Nobushi Samurais have been ignored in this image to keep the farming route efficient.

Watatsumi Island Nobushi
Handguard farming Genshin route in Watatsumi island.

You can also take your time and get some Sango Pearls here, just in case.

Jinren Island

You can teleport to the northern waypoint on Jinren Island and head down the southern island to find Nobushi hanging around.

Following this way, you will encounter more than 15 Nobushi and gather a ton of Kageuchi and Famed Handguards.

Jinren Island
The whole journey will take about an hour.

With the above Nobushi locations, Genshin Impact players will be able to come across more than 150 Nobushi enemies and get the Handguards.

How to defeat Nobushi Genshin Impact

Nobushi and Kairagi are Samurai counterparts that you will see a lot in your adventure across Inazuma. While you can find Kairagi in pairs, Nobushi always stay in groups.

That’s when you need to take some notes in order to take them down without a scratch.

Nobushi Locations Genshin
Take some tips before you fight these samurais.

Their slashes are lethal although the enemies’ attacks seem slow.

As Nobushi and Kairagi are both heavy, you can’t crowd control them with Overload or Anemo effects. You should use Freeze to make them stand still.

Between the Kairagi, the last standing gets a buff once the partner is defeated. So, try to take them down at once.

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