Genshin Impact Special Program revealed all upcoming events in the next update. Here are all upcoming Genshin Impact 2.6 events and reward lists you can get from those events.

#1. Hues Of The Violet Court

The Update event 'Hues Of The Violet Court' has four sub-events and a lot of rewards, including a free Xingqiu. The release date and requirements for unlocking this Irodori Festival event haven't been confirmed yet. But the live stream revealed all sub-events and rewards.

  • The Moon And Stars Inscribed is a photography mini-game;
  • Clash Of Lone Blades challenge lets players show off their sword skills without elemental skills and bursts.
  • Floral Courtyard is a relaxing decoration activity;
  • Theater Mechanicus Rerun lets players show off their strategies.
Hues Of The Violet Court
Hues Of The Violet Court grants players a free Xingqiu.

After completing this event, players can receive a lot of attractive rewards, such as:

  • A free Xingqiu;
  • Your own Floral Courtyard;
  • A Crown Of Insight;
  • Primogems and Mora;
  • Mystic Enhancement Ores, Talent Level Up Materials, and Hero's Wit EXP books.

#2. Spices From The West

Genshin Impact players need to help a character from Sumeru to find spices in Teyvat. This time-limited event also has some AR requirements. Players need to complete some archon quests or world quests to unlock this quest.

Then, you will cook and do experiments on different species, such as:

  • Horsetail, Mint, Pepper;
  • Pinecone, Lotus Head, Mint;
  • Snapdragon, Mint, Salt.
Spices From The West
Spices From The West event in Update 2.6.

Eligible participants need to complete event objectives to complete the event.

  • Help the quest giver find seasonings.
  • Do experiments on seasoning recipes.
  • Unlock new seasonings.
  • Cook Fragrant Dishes from Delicious Dishes.
  • Have Teapot companions taste and test the dish.

Genshin Impact players can earn a lot of Primogems to pull the new character Ayato or get two rerun characters Venti and Ayaka. Besides, the rewards include Weapon Ascension Materials, Hero's Wits, Mora, and Mystic Ores.

#3. Vibro-Crystal Research

Vibro-Crystal Research event takes place in the new region of Genshin Impact 2.6 - the Chasm. Travelers will help a researcher from Fontaine investigate the outskirts of this region. You can use Vibro-Crystals to counter many enemies on the investigation trip.

Like many battle challenges, Genshin Impact players need to build strong teams with free-trial and available characters in their inventory. Venti, Raiden, Xiangling, and Xingqiu are the four free-trial characters with the best builds.

Vibro Crystal Research
Vibro-Crystal Research

#4. Outside The Canvas, Inside The Lens

In the upcoming selfie event, you need to give the girl named Asagiri selfie pictures of your characters in different locations all around Teyvat. It's an interesting event for exploration. After the event, you can get Primogems, Mora, and Hero's Wit.

To complete these event missions, choose the best characters for exploration, such as:

  • Amber, Xiao, Venti, and Kazuha for gliding;
  • Beidou for swimming;
  • Mona and Ayaka for moving faster on the ground.
Outside The Canvas Inside The Lens
Outside The Canvas, Inside The Lens

Besides, you should choose tall characters for running and climbing faster because their legs are longer than short characters.

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