Both Venti and Ayaka are returning to the game in Genshin Impact 2.6. You need to collect a lot of Primogems to pull for both of them but many players have to choose the better one to pull because they can't afford both. Check out Venti or Ayaka, which character is more worth it.

Genshin Impact Venti Or Ayaka

Venti's Rerun banner is released in the first phase of the next update while Ayaka's rerun banner is available to pull in the second phase. Both these characters can play as DPS or sub-DPS fighters in your Genshin Impact team. Based on your current DPS and gameplay, you should choose a better character for your team and save Primogems for him or her.

Venti Or Ayaka
Venti or Ayaka, choose a better one for your current team.

#1. Why You Should Pull Venti?

Venti is the strongest Anemo supporter in Genshin Impact now. You should have him in your high-level team. When he uses his Elemental Burst, Venti helps his teammates deal tons of uninterrupted damage on the opponents.

For example, you should pull for Venti if you need a supporter for Xiao and Kazuha's teams. Venti is still the top-tier character for the supporter role. But his overall DMG is not very ideal unless you invest the best artifacts to build this character.

Venti Rerun
Venti Rerun will be available in the first phase of the next version.

#2. Why You Should Pull Ayaka?

Kamisato Ayaka seems to be more worth Primogems, especially for beginners. This character can play as the main DPS. But if you have more powerful DPS characters, such as Hu Tao, Xiao, Ganyu, this 5-star Cryo character seems to be less ideal.

Though Ayaka is not the best character to carry the team, she is the most stylish DPS. Her elemental burst can deal tons of DMG on the unlucky enemies with her Elemental Burst. If she goes with Barbara, Ayaka can freeze enemies with her sprinting movement and Barbara's elemental skill.

Genshin Impact Ayaka
Ayaka will return to Genshin Impact 2.6 in the second phase.

In conclusion, you should spend Primogems on Kamisato Ayaka if you need a DPS character. If you have got Ayaka already or a more powerful DPS, you can pull Venti.

As these two banners are available in different phases, you can also save Primogems and pull for Venti early. Then, earn Primogems and try your luck with Ayaka's rerun banner later. There are many events and activities for Genshin Impact players to earn Primogems during version 2.6. So, you can get both of them if you are lucky players.

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