The Electroculus Resonance Stone recipe is essential for your exploration in Inazuma. You can craft a super useful gadget to find the location of all Electroculus in this nation. Check out how to get and use this gadget here.

I. Electroculus Resonance Stone Recipe Location

The Electroculus Resonance Stone recipe is a Reputation reward in Inazuma. You need to go to Kamisato Estate to meet the Yashiro Commission Staff Madarame Hyakubei to check the Reputation level and claim all rewards.

You need to reach Reputation level 8 in Inazuma to get this gadget recipe. It's pretty more difficult to get this gadget than getting other Genshin Oculus Resonance Stones. In specific, you only have to reach Reputation Level 2 in Liyue and Mondstadt to get Anemoculus and Geoculus resonance stones.

Electroculus Resonance Stone Recipe
Reach level 8 in Reputation progress to get Electroculus Resonance Stone Recipe.

II. Electroculus Resonance Stone Crafting

After getting the Electroculus Resonance Stone recipe, you can craft the gadget on any crafting bench. Follow these steps to craft the Electroculus resonance stone.

  • Get the recipe from the Reputation reward.
  • Open the Inventory and go to the section of Precious Item.
  • Locate the recipe of Electroculus resonance stone.
  • Select it and tap on Learn button.
  • Go to any crafting bench in Mondstadt City, Liyue Harbor, or Inazuma City.
  • Locate the gadget in the list of craftable items. If it's ready to craft, the item will light up. If you haven't got enough materials to craft this gadget, go to collect them first.
Craft The Stone
Collect materials and craft the resonance stone to use and locate Electroculi

Materials for Electroculus Resonance Stone

All materials for crafting the Electroculus Resonance Stone are available in Inazuma. There are three types of materials you need to collect in order to craft this gadget.

  • Naku Weed x5;
  • Sakura Bloom x5;
  • Amethyst Lump x1;
  • Mora x500.

All materials for this gadget are available to collect in the wild. Naku Weed grows all around Inazuma, inside dark caves, along rural paths, under high mountain cliffs, and in dark forests. You can find this plant in areas of high Electro concentration, especially Seirai Island. You can also buy 5 Naku Weeds every 3 days from Aoi in Inazuma City.

Sakura Bloom is scattered in many locations in the wild on Narukami Island. It's pretty rarer than Naku Weed. Amethyst Lump is an exclusive ore in Inazuma. You can easily collect this ore by elemental attacks of Geo characters and Claymore users.

Use Electro Characters To Collect
Use Electro characters or summon Electrogana to collect Sakura Bloom in Inazuma. 

III. Electroculus Resonance Stone - How To Use

Genshin Impact players can use the Resonance Stone to locate the Electroculus in the surrounding area. It's very easy to use this gadget to find out all Electroculus around Inazuma, including many remote locations. Follow these steps to use this tool.

  • Open the Inventory.
  • Go to the Gadget section and select the Resonance Stone of Electroculus.
  • Click/tap on the Equip option to equip this gadget.
  • Go to any location in Inazuma and tap on the button of this gadget.
  • Mark to the location of the item within the Electroculus Resonance Stone range.
  • Collect the item and move to other locations to use this tool and find more Electroculus.

Each resonance stone can find only one Electroculus. But many oculi spawn near each other. So, you can find some oculi when approaching the marked oculus within the range of the stone.

Electroculous Location Guide
Place the resonance stone in your location to locate the surrounding oculi in the range and resonance.

In addition, this gadget has cool-down time. So, you need to wait for a few minutes before the next time of utility. You should collect as many materials as possible and craft dozens of resonance stones for all missing oculi around the nation.

Bonus: How To Collect Hidden Electroculus

There are many hidden Electroculus in secret corners in Inazuma. Some of them are sealed behind Thunder Barriers. You need some tips to get all those hidden oculi.

  • Level up in Grand Narukami Shrine: Sacred Sakura to increase the level of Electrogana. You need high-level Electrogana to go through some Thunder Barriers.
  • Mark the location of the oculi you cannot collect in one trial to come back later.
  • Summon Electrogana and use Thunder Sphere to glide up and reach high oculi.
  • Consume Stamina food to glide or climb mountain cliffs if the oculi are high and far.
  • Sometimes, you need to break stone heaps to reveal the oculi hidden inside. Use the Geo character for this job.
Hidden Electroculi
Many hidden Oculi spawn in unexpected locations and sealed caves.

Those are all you need to know about Genshin Impact Electroculus Resonance Stone recipe and tips to get all Electroculi in Inazuma. You will take many benefits from upgrading the Statue of Seven.

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