You should start to prepare for the coming of the new character Kamisato Ayato from now. This Hydro character comes from Inazuma, so many important ascension materials are exclusive in this nation. Check out this guide on how to farm Ayato Genshin Impact materials before release.

Ayato Materials
Start to collect materials for Kamisato Ayato from now.

I. Kamisato Ayato Ascension Materials

Many of Ayato's materials needed for ascension can be found in Inazuma. But some of them are available to collect all over Teyvat. Genshin Impact players also have to defeat dangerous bosses to collect these materials. Check out how to farm ascension materials for him here.

#1. Varunada Lazurite

Varunada Lazurite is the necessary gemstone to ascend any Hydro characters in Genshin Impact. There are four ways to farm this ascension material for Ayato.

  • Purchasing from Mingxing Jewelry in Liyue Harbor. Each Varunada Lazurite Sliver cost you 10 Geo Sigils. Go to talk to Xingxi shopkeeper to buy 12 items.
  • Defeat normal bosses, such as Oceanid, Primo Geovishap, and Hydro Hypostasis.
  • Complete weekly domains of Confront Stormterror, Beneath the Dragon-Queller, and Enter the Golden House.
  • High-level gemstones can be crafted from lower-level gemstones.

Besides, Travelers will also get random types of gemstones when claiming Daily Commission Rewards from Katheryne.

Collect Ayato Ascension Materials
Kamisato Ayato needs Varunada Lazurite gemstone sets to ascend.

#2. Sakura Blooms

Like Kamisato Ayaka, Ayato also needs a lot of Sakura Blooms to ascend. This is the exclusive material in Inazuma. You can find them solely in the wild on Narukami Island. Once you see a Sakura Bloom, hit it with an Electro attack.

#3. Handguards

The Handguard is also an exclusive material in Inazuma. Genshin Impact players need to defeat Kairagi and Nobushi bosses all around Inazuma. The high-level handguard items can be crafted from lower-level units at any crafting bench.

These enemies often spawn in groups in the wild, along the beaches, and some camps in Inazuma. Sometimes, Kairagi and Nobushi spawn near Fatui and other enemies. You should have a strong team to defeat them quickly. High-level Kairagi and Nobushi drop rarer Handguards.

Defeat Kairagi Andnobushi
Defeat Kairagi and Nobushi to collect as many handguard items as possible.

#4. Dew of Repudiation

Kamisato Ayato also needs a super rare material from Hydro Hypostasis drops. The drop rate of this 4-star material depends on the level of the boss. If you defeat high-level Hypostasis, you will get more Dew of Repudiation.

This Hydro boss is very dangerous and difficult to defeat. You can find it inside a cave in Suigetsu Pool on Watatsumi Island. Build a strong team with Raiden Shogun, Zhongli, Yanfei, and Bennett to counter this boss. You can also recruit Xiangling, Fischl, and Diona to accompany Raiden Shogun if you don't have Zhongli or Yanfei.

Hydro Hypostasis
It's difficult to defeat Hydro Hypostasis and collect the Dew of Repudiation.

II. Ayato Materials Genshin For Talent Level-Up

Genshin Impact players also have to level up characters' active talents to buff DMG for the normal attacks, elemental skills, and bursts. Each character needs a different set of talent level-up materials. Here are all talent level-up materials for Kamisato Ayato you should collect from now.

  • Handguards: obtained by defeating Kairagi and Nobushi bosses in Inazuma.
  • Elegance talent scrolls: go to the Violet Court domain in Inazuma on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday to take challenges and complete them within the time limit. You can also use the gadget called 'Parametric Transformer' to obtain these materials. Go to any crafting bench in Teyvat or your Serenitea Pot to craft high-level scrolls from base-level scrolls.

Don't look down on these talent level-up materials. You need to upgrade all the active skills of Ayato to buff his ATK, elemental, and CRTI DMG. All passive talents will be unlocked after the full ascension.

Go To Violet Court Domain
Go to the Violet Court domain in Inazuma to collect talent level-up materials for him.

III. Character Level-Up Materials

Apart from Ayato materials Genshin Impact for talent level-up and ascension, you also need to collect as many character level-up as possible. Check out all sources of these materials in Genshin Impact.

  • Complete all archon/story/world quests;
  • Purchase 20 Hero's Wits and 80 Wanderer's Advice from the Realm Depot;
  • Collect from Ley Line Outcrops;
  • Daily Check-in rewards and in-game gifts;
  • Rank up in Battle Passes.

In addition, you can buff Ayato's power and abilities by using proper artifacts for him. There are many artifact sets that can be good for him but Heart of Depth is the best choice. Clear the Peak Of Vindagnyr Domain to obtain these artifacts.

Purchase Hero Wits
Purchase and complete quests to collect Hero Wits to level up characters.

Those are all Ayato Genshin Impact materials you should collect before his release. Just get prepared and save Primogems from now because his banner is coming soon!

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