Genshin Impact Kazuha is known for his versatility which allows players to build different roles for him in each composition. His talents and skills also increase the team members' damage based on the triggered Swirl reaction amid fights. This is why EM or ATK-based weapons work well for his DPS and support build.

As Kazuha is back in the new update, players who want to main him may want to know which build suits better with their playstyle. So which build is better between DPS Kazuha vs EM Kazuha?

DPS Kazuha in Genshin Impact

Before delving into a DPS build for Kazuha, it's important to consider that his damage output relies solely on an Anemo-focused strategy. This approach may diminish the impact of reaction damage, such as Swirl, which combines Anemo and the element it reacts with.

While boosting the ATK stat can enhance Anemo damage, the lack of Elemental Mastery (EM) will decrease the effectiveness of other elements.

Dps Kazuha
DPS Kazuha would require as many constellations as possible.

Therefore, opting for a high ATK stat for Kazuha is an excellent choice for a DPS build, but it can also be costly. To unleash Kazuha's full Anemo damage potential, all six of his Constellations are required. Notably, his sixth and final Constellation, determined by the EM stat, significantly enhances his skill damage.

When it comes to Kazuha best weapons for DPS build, the Primordial Jade Cutter and the Mistsplitter Sword are the most suitable choices. In comparison, any 4-star weapon with an ATK stat would fall short.

In conclusion, pursuing a DPS approach for Kazuha can be a solid option if you have made substantial investments in the aforementioned 5-star weapons and Kazuha's Constellations.

EM Kazuha in Genshin Impact

As previously mentioned, Kazuha excels as an Elemental Mastery (EM) support unit in Genshin Impact. His versatile skill set allows him to synergize effectively with various characters, whether they are sub-DPS choices like Raiden Shogun or primary DPS units such as Hu Tao. Moreover, building Kazuha as an EM support is relatively straightforward for free-to-play players.

Em Kazuha Genshin
EM Kazuha is a favorite among many players.

With weapons like Iron Sting and the Viridescent artifact set, you can leverage Kazuha's abilities to achieve satisfying damage output in the Spiral Abyss without relying on expensive resources. The primary high-level investment required would be leveling up his talents to level 10, which may take some time to accomplish.

Alternatively, if you are specifically interested in enhancing Kazuha's EM support capabilities and maximizing reaction damage, the Freedom Sword, a 5-star weapon, would be the optimal choice, especially when paired with his second Constellation.

In summary, investing in Kazuha as an EM support character can prove to be a rewarding choice. It allows you to bring out substantial reaction damage while utilizing accessible resources. The Freedom Sword and his second Constellation would further enhance his performance in this role.

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Which one to choose: DPS Kazuha vs EM Kazuha?

Em Kazuha Build

In conclusion, both Kazuha builds have the potential to deal significant damage. However, constructing a DPS build for him necessitates substantial investments.

So if you are willing to invest time and resources into creating a valuable addition to your team for endgame content, opting for an EM support build is recommended.

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