Raiden Shogun is one of the most powerful characters in Genshin Impact. She is pretty much the best Electro Support/Sub DPS, with the ability to deal damage rivaling the main DPS. Because of that, Raiden can fit into numerous teams - in this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase some of the best Raiden Shogun team comps to try out in 2023.

1. Raiden Main DPS 

  • Raiden - Sara - Kazuha - Bennett

Sara provides an ATK buff and at C6 a powerful Electro Crit DMG buff for Raiden, plus some limited Burst damage capacity of her own. Kazuha provides VV and his A4 Electro DMG% buff to both Sara and Raiden, as well as dealing significant personal damage through Swirls and Overloads from his Pyro absorbed Burst.

Bennett is one of Raiden’s most valuable teammates.

Bennett provides the strongest ATK buff in the game, healing, and a means for Kazuha to absorb Pyro into his Burst. Raiden batteries her team, buffs their Burst damage- though the DMG% means little to Kazuha and Bennett’s damage is negligible without any reactions or any other buffs, so this means the most to Sara, provides a source of Electro aura for Kazuha, and deals enough damage to build a team around.

2. Raiden Pure Electro

  • Raiden - Yae - Sara - Jean

Yae deals strong Burst and off-field damage, as well as serving as a second source of Electro particles for Raiden and Sara. Sara provides her ATK and at C6 her Electro Crit DMG buff for Yae’s Burst and for Raiden, as well as her own Burst damage. Jean provides VV and healing.

Baal And Yae Miko
Yae's weakness can be covered with Raiden Support

All three teammates have high Burst costs, with Yae tied with Raiden for the highest cost in the game, allowing Raiden to generate substantial Resolve stacks. Raiden batteries her team, especially valuable here as beyond just her flat energy refund her high particle generation means more to Electro teammates, buffs their Burst damage, and deals her own damage on field.

3. Raiden Overload

  • Raiden - Sucrose - Fischl - Bennett

Sucrose provides VV, and is able to carry TTDS for Raiden. Her Burst absorption can be inconsistent, but if she absorbs Pyro she can trigger Overloads for a respectable personal damage contribution, and if she absorbs Electro then she has the opportunity to provide an Electro DMG% buff to Raiden if she is C6.

Genshin Impact Sucrose Featured
EM supports like Sucrose can be useful.

Fischl deals Skill damage from off field and generates additional Electro particles for Raiden. Bennett buffs Fischl and Raiden and serves as a healer. Raiden batteries her team and deals her own damage on field.

4. Raiden National

  • Raiden - Xiangling - Xingqiu - Bennett

Xiangling Vaporizes her Skill and Burst damage from off field, as well as triggering Overloads, allowing this to become the only team built around Raiden on field where a unit other than Raiden makes up the highest share of team damage. (Note that Raiden will end up overtaking Xiangling’s damage again with C2-3.)

Raiden National Team
Raiden National is the easiest team to make for clearing content.

Xingqiu enables Xiangling to Vape through his Hydro application, as well as dealing significant personal damage. Bennett buffs both Xiangling and Raiden, heals, and provides an additional source of Pyro particles for Xiangling. Raiden batteries her team, buffs their Burst damage, provides a source of Electro aura for Xiangling, and deals her own damage on field.

5. Raiden Hyperbloom

  • Raiden - Kokomi - Nahida - Dendro MC

An off-field Raiden team using on-field Kokomi alongside Nahida and DMC to trigger Hyperbloom. Kokomi consolidates good Hydro application, damage and healing, the last of which is especially necessary for these styles of teams due to the high Dendro Core production.

Nahida Build
Raiden is a great sub DPS in a Hyperbloom team.

Nahida and DMC together provide significant off-field Dendro application, enough to achieve good Dendro Core production even in Single Target situations; Nahida also contributes a decent amount of personal damage in her own right to the team. It is worth noting that while Electro transfiguration on DMC’s Burst is optimal for Dendro Core production in Single Target, Hydro transfiguration can be useful in AoE situations and the choice between the two is not overly significant.

6. Raiden Electro Charged

  • Raiden - Lisa - Venti - Kokomi

Lisa provides her A4 Def shred and is able to carry TTDS for Raiden. She can deal some damage with her Burst as well, but it will be very limited using TTDS and without significant buffs. Venti provides VV, his A4 energy refund likely for Kokomi, the best grouping in the game, and deals significant personal damage through Swirls and Electrocharge chain reactions.

Kokomi Genshin Impact Game 1 Hd Wallpaper 1920x108
Raiden can also work in an electro charged lineup.

Kokomi enables Venti to trigger Electrocharge with her Hydro application, provides healing, and can choose to run either 4pc Ocean Hued Clam for additional off-field damage or 4pc Tenacity of the Millelith to buff Raiden and Lisa. She can additionally run Hakushin Ring, though it will realistically have very limited uptime for Raiden, or TTDS to pass to Venti, though the ATK% will be less impactful for the full EM builds preferred in teams where he can sometimes trigger Electrocharge reactions. Raiden batteries her team, buffs their Burst damage, together with Lisa provides a source of Electro aura for Venti, and deals her own damage on field.