According to new leaks from Genshin Impact leakers, Hu Tao will most likely return in patch 3.4 of the game. Along with her will be the 5-star Hydro archer from Liyue - Yelan. These two characters will appear together in phase 2. But what is waiting for players in the first phase?

Let’s see what we can expect from Genshin Impact 3.4 update below.

Genshin Impact 3.4 update: What to expect in phase 1?

In the first phase of version 3.4, we will welcome Alhaitham - a new Dendro character who is expected to be a good DPS. The unit to have their rerun in this phase is said to be Xiao, also a top-tier DPS.

Alhaitham Genshin
Alhaitham was expected to join the best DPS in Genshin Impact.

About Alhaitham, he will use a sword as his weapon and he belongs to the 5-star line. The highly intelligent and organized man’s kit seems to rely on Elemental Mastery to boost DMG from Dendro-based elemental reactions, like other Dendro units.

His Elemental Skill activates an “aim assist” that functions similarly to that of Keqing when players hold it. Alhaitham’s Burst strikes opponents within its AoE with a flurry of Dendro attacks.

Although he is yet released, Alhaitham nerfs are creating frenzies among fans as they expected him to be an extremely potential DPS. He is also called the Dendro Keqing, sadly. But their kits differ greatly in other aspects, so just wait and see whether he can win players’ hearts in the fandom.

Alhaitham Nerf
Alhaitham nerf even before his release is a big, big shame.

In the meantime, rumor has it that the Yaksha is returning. Xiao is an infamous DPS who wields a polearm. While Xiao grants the best ATK you can ask for, it is not easy to build him until the end.

Players need to make his kit “above average” if they want to surpass Spiral Abyss floor 12 seamlessly.

Xiao Has An Interesting Story
Is Xiao also returning? If he is, players will have a hard time deciding which DPS to pull for.

What about update 3.4 phase 2?

In patch 3.4 - phase 2, needless to say, Hu Tao is THE character that everyone is looking forward to. She is the strongest DPS among the Pyro element characters and among the strongest units in the game at the moment.

If possible, you should try pulling for Hutao C1 to attack without losing stamina. Combining both Hu Tao and Staff of Homa is also not a bad choice.

Hu Tao Yelan
Hu Tao and Yelan are rumored to have their rerun banners in the second phase of Genshin Impact 3.4 update.

Along with Hutao will be the return of Yelan. For the unknown, this character has extremely useful fast surfing skills, helping you to do daily tasks and move faster in the open world and also in battles.

Her skills combine perfectly with the Electro Archon in the Raiden National lineup, or you may combine her with Xingqiu, Kuki Shinobu, and Nahida to create an extremely powerful Dendro core squad.

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