Developer miHoYo announced beforehand that Genshin Impact has 7 nations: Mondstadt, Liyue, Inazuma, Sumeru, Fontaine, Natlan, and Shneznaya. Players travel back and forth in these counties as the Traveler to find the twin sibling’s whereabouts, while also meeting new characters and stumbling upon countless adventures on the continent of Teyvat.

Recently, Sumeru came out as the 4th country in version 3.2. Players can’t help but feel like they have gone through half of Genshin Impact lore and story, although the game was released only 2 years ago.

But will the game end as soon as many think and when will Genshin Impact finish? Let's find out what else miHoYo would exploit to prolong the plot of Genshin Impact!

Genshin Ending
How long Genshin Impact will last now that we have reached the fourth nation?

Genshin Impact has more than 7 acts

Based on trailer for "Genshin Impact Teyvat Chapter", gamers are currently in act 3 instead of act 4. Mondstadt and Liyue are actually counted as one act, act 2 is Inazuma, and act 3 is Sumeru.

That is why when we complete the Fontaine content and meet Hydro Archon, that might be the exact half of the Genshin Impact storyline.

Genshin Nations Archons
When will Genshin Impact finish? Do we have more than 7 acts representing seven nations in the game?

After Act 6 Shneznaya, the next Act that involves Khaenri’ah may just appear in Dainsleif’s another story plot like what happened in other patches until now. Another scenario is Khaenri’ah will have an individual patch after the introduction of Shneznaya (and other regions).

On another hand, Celestia - the mysterious airborne island that is said to be the home of the gods will definitely play a very important role in the Genshin Impact's storyline. It wouldn't be too surprising if Celestia also has an update of its own.

Therefore, waiting for the release of all seven nations in the game might take longer than we expected.

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Undiscovered lands in Genshin Impact

Another hint that vaguely answers the “When will Genshin Impact finish” question is that Teyvat and the countries of seven Archons are not the only territories that exist in the game.

Outside these countries are other exotic areas with just as much chaos. They are generally called the Dark Sea although they have more than just water bodies.

Dark Sea Genshin
Dark Sea is a whole another dimension miHoYo has not disclosed.

According to Genshin Impact lores, the Seelies guiding us to unopened chests also used to reside in the land of Dark Sea.

Besides, Dark Sea is the only place to witness the defeat of the Archons thousands of years ago. It is noticeable that the previous Archons passed away or vanished into thin air without a mentioned reason.

In fact, Enkanomiya introduced in Inazuma’s second act is also considered a part of Dark Sea. Serpent God Obarashi is also among those gods who hid there.

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Further in the story of Genshin Impact

After we have welcomed every single one in the 7 countries of Teyvat, the underground realm Khaenri’ah and the Dark Sea, the story of Genshin Impact would not come to an end so soon.

Do note that we have a whole “false sky” mentioned by Scaramouche and Dottore in their stories.

Fake Sky Genshin Impact
There are a bunch of theories regarding the expansion and the future of Genshin Impact.

Besides, there is another fact that has not been mentioned: as long as the game manages to maintain its popularity, miHoYo will certainly come up with ways to prolong the plot of the game.

Honkai Impact 3rd is an example. After 6 years, the development team confirmed that although the “first part” has ended, they would continue to develop new content for this game in hopes that gamers will stick with them for another 6 years.

Either way, gamers can rest assured that in miHoYo's plan, Genshin Impact storyline is far from over. The plot offers a lot of interesting theories and lore waiting to be clarified.

Even if the game stops at Khaenri'ah, gamers still have at least 5 patches for Sumeru, 3 years of going on duty with the new Archons (Focalors, Murata, Tsaritsa) and a year with Khaenri'ah.

So if you are also one of those who wonder when will Genshin Impact end, you can enjoy the game without a worry about Genshin Impact’s endgame. When will Genshin Impact end? Not that early.

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