Lore-wise, Archons are the most powerful beings in Genshin Impact. Gameplay-wise, it is almost the same, with 3/4 Archons being S-tier characters. However, which Archon is actually the strongest? Many players suspect that the Cryo Archon Tsaritsa or Geo Archon Morax are the top fighters, but the answer to this question is not that straightforward.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase everything known so far about all 7 Archons to see which one might be the strongest.


Another thing to mention - the gnosis are gifts granted to the Archons after they win a war. This means the Archons are already very powerful without them.

Most powerful: Tsaritsa

Tsaritsa, the Cryo Archon, is the ruler of Snezhnaya. Archons get their power from the populace worshipping them, and Tsaritsa pretty much forced it using fear.

Tsaritsa Genshin Impact
Tsaritsa is trying to wage war against higher entity like the Celestia.

She has also been collecting the Gnoses of the other Archons, which are the symbol of a god's power. With Snezhnaya being either the final or penultimate region of the Genshin storyline, by video game logic, we will be fighting Tsaritsa equipped with all 7 Gnoses, which should be the biggest challenge ever in Genshin.

Additionally, Tsaritsa's underlings are the 11 Fatui Harbingers, who are very powerful characters with the ability to use another element. This ability is called Delusion, and Tsaritsa was the one who granted that to them.


Firstly, Makoto was the Archon (with the gnosis) whereas Ei was the "shadow" who replaces her for all combat purposes. Ei is the one who killed Orobaxi, Thunderbird, etc without using the gnosis.

Genshin Impact Baal Build Raiden Shogun

Ei's power does not come from gnosis (so giving the gnosis to Miko literally means nothing, because she never needed it). All of her feats are done without gnosis in the first place.

As for Raiden Shogun, it is a perfect copy of Ei (500 years ago) both in terms of personality and power. Ei matching Shogun in combat for 500 years (unable to win nor lose) is a display that she has been keeping up with her practice and her skills haven't rusted. They are perfectly equal.


Morax is the oldest Archon in the game - he is supposedly over 6000 years old. He is fairly well-loved by the populace and has good control over Liyue, which means his power is vast. He can create sentient life out of jade capable of killing gods, won the archon war without a gnosis, and is referred to as the god of martial arts and canonically has used all the weapon types compared to Raiden's 2.


Additionally, Morax is the Prime Adepti even without gnosis. He is a god who led other gods towards the adeptal path (a path of enlightenment). Creating subspace is mere child's play to the average adepti, so how much more miracles would the Prime Adepti be capable of?

Morax and Ei are likely tied for the second spot. The only reason Morax started getting weaker is because of Erosion, which is also the reason for his stepping down.


Not much is known about Murata - the only confirmed info about her is that she is the Pyro Archon that presides over Natlan. All the others are known for some type of peaceful symbolism, like freedom, contract, eternal, and knowledge, however, Murata's title is the God of War. As per Venti warriors from every tribe would perform combat and celebrate their victories for her.

Murata Weapon
Murata might be an Expy of Himeko in Honkai

If that title actually means something (Sony's God of War, anyone?) Murata should be the strongest after the final boss Tsaritsa.  Since she has not been added to Genshin yet, we would place her in the same tier as Ei and Morax.


Focalors is the second Archon that is barely mentioned in the story. She is the Hydro Archon and God of Justice. Apparently, Focalors lives in the courtroom and even seeks to judge the other gods.


Apparently, she is not one of the original members of The Seven who emerged after the end of the Archon War - she just replaced the previous Hydro Archon who died. The people of the region dislike her and the Lochfolk don't recognize her as ruler, which means her power might not be as strong.

Focalors should be on the weaker tier of Archons unless future information contradicts this.


Kusanali or Lesser Lord Kusanali is the Dendro Archon that presides over Sumeru. She took the position after Greater Lord Rukkhadevata, the previous Dendro Archon, died. She is the youngest Archon who has ruled for only 500 years, whereas  Morax or Barbatos who has had more than 2000+ years of rule.

Genshin Impact Nahida

This is why Kusanali should be on the lower tier when it comes to power. She is not the original God who wins the Archon War and has no experience.


Barbatos literally admitted that he is the weakest Archon in the game (he is also the weakest when it comes to actual gameplay). Despite being one of the original Seven alongside Morax, his power is nowhere near as strong.

Genshin Impact Venti

This is because his ideal is "freedom". Barbatos refuses to control Mondstadt, and without support from the people, he is not that strong. His current mortal disguise is a local bard named Venti, who's wandering the world.

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