Arataki Itto is a 5-star Geo Claymore Main DPS, who specializes in dealing massive Geo damage when his Elemental Burst is active. He is pretty much an upgraded version of Noelle with a lot more damage. Itto is the last character to unlock a mono-Geo lineup, one of the best teams so far in Genshin.

In this article, is going to showcase the top 5 reasons to pull for Itto in Genshin Impact 3.3.

1. Building a mono-Geo team

Amongst the Meta lineups in Genshin Impact, Geo teams are probably the most perfect. They are great in both offense and defense, with their powerful shield and high HP. Itto is pretty much a must have character if you want to build a mono-Geo team. His kit is fast and powerful, which allows him to deal massive Geo damage.

Albedo Genshin Impact
Albedo is a great support for Mono-Geo team

Similar to Noelle, he is best when his Elemental Burst is active. Players need to run battery character to make up for its high energy cost, however.

2. Supplement Geo supports like Gorou and Albedo

If you already have geo support characters such as Gorou and Albedo, getting Itto is a must. Gorou, in particular, is a crazy character. He can boost DEF for the entire party, alongside interruption resistance and Geo DMG.

Itto Gorou
Itto and Gorou are a great pair.

At C4 and C6, Gorou can even gain extra heal and Geo CRIT DMG boost. Therefore, if you already have a high level of constellation on Gorou, boosting him up for Itto would be a great idea.

3. Easy and straightforward gameplay

Itto's gameplay is fairly simple, with the main loop being skill, burst then spamming the powerful charged attacks. Arataki Itto changes his weapon to his signature Oni King's Kanabou in battle and infuses his Normal, Charged, and Plunging attacks to Geo DMG.

Itto Weapon
Itto is really easy to play.

When his burst is active, Arataki Itto will gain a 10% ATK SPD Bonus and ATK Boost based on his DEF. Because of this, most of the DMG of Arataki Itto happens when he is at Burst Mode.

4. Unique character design

In comparsion with the usual male Genshin Impact characters, Itto looks much different. So far, all the males released in Genshin are either kids or slender male supermodels. Itto, on the other hand, is a wall of muscles, with a club being his main weapon of choice.

06d24 16358914823656 1920
Superlative strength at 5 stacks

If players are fans of hitting enemies with a big stick as brutally as possible, Itto can definitely make that happen. He also looks great aesthetically, with Superlative strength stacks creating special particle effects.

5. Great AoE capability

Itto's skill set has a semi-large AOE enabling you to hit multiple enemies with powerful attacks. The finishing of his Charge Attack will further increase this AOE making Itto great against groups of enemies.

Itto's Aoe Attack

On top of that, he is also able to swiftly move toward the enemies and further increase his speed. This is very different from the usual clunky playstyle common to Claymore users.

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