Many players have got Yae Miko but haven’t known how to use her effectively. This Electro unit will perform excellently in Aggravate and Hyperbloom teams with the best party members. Check out how to build these two teams for Yae Miko.

I. Aggravate Team of Yae Miko

Yae Miko can play as an off-field DPS with her elemental skill that summons three Sesshou Sakura Electro charges. It also helps increase damage for the whole team while triggering continual Aggravate reactions.

But she needs a lot of Elemental Particles to charge her elemental Burst which can optimize the power of Sesshou Sakura. Therefore, she needs appropriate party members to help her recharge it.

Yae Miko Team
Build Yae Miko Teams

#1. Electro Supporter

You need an Electro supporter to give Yae Miko more energy and trigger elemental resonance. There are many characters who can play well in this position, such as Kujou Sara, Fischl, and Raiden Shogun.

Raiden Shogun is a quite costly choice, but her power is worth that sum of Primogems. The Electro archon can play as the main on-field DPS in this team.

#2. Dendro Sub-DPS

The second slot in Yae Miko’s Aggravate team must be a Dendro character. There are not many Dendro characters now. Nahida is the best option now, followed by the 4-start Dendro bow wielder Collei and the Dendro Traveler. They can provide off-field support and trigger continual Aggravate reactions on the battlefield though they are not on the field.

#3. Anemo Supporter

The last party member should be an Anemo character with an excellent Crowd Control ability, such as Kazuha, Sucrose, and Venti. You can also choose Jean to use her great healing effect.

Besides, get a Viridescent Venerer artifact set to equip your Anemo supporter to reduce the elemental resistance of enemies, allowing Yae Miko and other party members to deal more damage to opponents.

Aggravate Team
Aggravate Team

II. Yae Miko’s Hyperbloom Team

Yae Miko’s element is one of three key elements to trigger Hyperbloom's reaction. You have to find suitable Hydro and Dendro teammates for her after getting this character from the current rerun banner of Yae Miko.

#1. Hydro Healer

There are many Hydro characters in Genshin Impact but it’s better to choose a Hydro Healer. As the Dendro Bloom explosion can affect both your characters and enemies, you should have a supportive healer, such as Kokomi and Barbara to recover your HP.

Kokomi is the best option for this team thanks to her off-field Hydro application ability. But she can be pretty expensive for many players. Luckily, Xingqiu and Barbara can be alternative Hydro supporters who cost you no Primogems.

#2. Dendro Supporter

Like the Aggravate team, you also need a Dendro sub-DPS or supporter for Yae Miko’s Hyperbloom team. Nahida is still the best option now while Collei and the Dendro Traveler are more suitable for F2P teams.

Hyperbloom Team Of Yea Miko
Hyperbloom team of Yea Miko

#3. Anemo/Geo Anti-RES

The last party member in the Hyperbloom team of Yae Miko can be a Geo or Anemo character who can reduce the elemental resistance of enemies. Besides, they have different effects to make this team stronger.

  • If you choose an Anemo supporter with a Swirl ability like Sucrose, Venti, and Kazuha, they can spread the effect of the Hyperbloom reaction.
  • If you choose Zhongli, Noelle, or Ningguang, these Geo characters can create shields to protect your characters.

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