Across the Wilderness can be the upcoming exploration event in Genshin Impact 3.3 according to a recent leak. This event may feature many iconic locations around Teyvat and reward participants with 80 easy Primogems.

Across the Wilderness Leaks

According to the latest content leak, Hoyoverse may introduce an adventure event in Teyvat in the next update. During the trip in the “Across the Wilderness” event, players will go to famous destinations in Teyvat to collect event balloons.

Across The Wilderness Event
Genshin Impact 3.2 may introduce an event called Across The Wilderness.

In specific, there are 40 balloons released in five different iconic destinations from Mondstadt to Sumeru, such as The Alcor, Port Ormos, etc. Participants have to collect 30 balloons to get 80 Primogems. Besides, there are many other valuable materials for character and weapon enhancement.

According to the leak, eligible players can go hunting down balloons with other players in the co-op mode of the game. It makes many players excited about the upcoming interesting limited-time traveling event. Players can farm Primogems while visiting iconic towns and landscapes in the massive world of this stunning game.

Go To Iconic Places And Hunt Balloons
Go to iconic places and hunt balloons.

Responding to the event leaks, many players think that this side event can be a promotional event for two new Anemo characters: Wanderer and Faruzan. Anemo units are often useful and essential in exploration missions. Especially, the elemental skill of Wanderer let him fly and soar through the air to find balloons more easily.

Hoyoverse is introducing many new characters. Those interesting game events are great sources of easy Primogems. The game publisher introduced many adventure events before to promote their new characters. You shouldn’t miss this chance to get free Primogems to roll new and rerun characters in upcoming banners.

Port Ormos
You will visit Port Ormos and some famous locations in Teyvat.

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