Yae Miko and Childe have come back at the same time in the second phase of Genshin Impact 3.2. There are many reasons why you should spend your Primogems on this Yae Miko's rerun banner.

#1. Easy Off-field Support

Yae Miko is one of the two best Electro off-field supporters in Genshin Impact now. It’s much easier to use characters with auto-aim abilities like this foxy character. Her playstyle fits the current meta of the game perfectly.

Her elemental skill summons three Electro totems called Sesshou Sakuras on the battlefield to lock onto enemies in the AoE automatically. Then, her elemental burst will target those Sesshou Sakuras and deal large AoE DMG to locked enemies.

Yae Miko Rerun
It's the best time to roll Yae Miko

#2. Good Mobility

Yae Miko dashes on the battlefield while summoning Sesshou Sakuras with her elemental skill. It also helps her dodge most attacks of enemies which is very useful in the current updates when bosses are more dangerous.

When she casts her burst, it can reset the CD of one Electro charge for her elemental skill. It means this foxy supporter is very nimble in a fight with her skills. She can support both on-field and off-field while staying safe from enemies, especially big bosses whose attack patterns are easier to understand and dodge.

Spend Primogems On Yae Miko
Yae Miko is one of the most nimble and flexible characters in Genshin Impact now. 

#3. Apply Electro Easily

Before the release of Yae Miko, Fischl is the only off-field Electro supporter. But this playstyle is more useful and essential in Genshin Impact when more elemental reactions of Electro can be triggered. Therefore, the banner of Yae Miko is more anticipated.

She is not only more powerful than Fischl but Yae is also more flexible and suitable for building teams with reaction chains. This character can apply Electro with every attack, from Normal and Charged attacks to trigger Quicken, Hyperbloom, Overloaded, and more reactions.

She Is Great Sub Dps
She is a great sub-DPS for any team with Pyro or Dendro DPS.

#4. High Damage

It’s easy to maximize Yae Miko’s damage output in Genshin Impact 3.2. The introduction of the Dendro element makes her stronger with many mind-blowing reactions that can deal tons of DMG to enemies.

Yae Miko’s initial release was a drop in the revenue for Hoyoverse and a big disappointment for players because her kit was not useful and handy at that time. But the foxy character is one of the most wished characters in the current meta.

Yae Miko Attacks
All attacks of Yea Miko, from Normal attack to Elemental Burst, can apply Electro mark on enemies.

#5. Handy Kit

From update 3.0 on, Yae Miko has been a top-tier off-field Electro sub-DPS and supporter. She will be more flexible in the future with more proper support, especially when more Dendro DPS characters are introduced.

Those are the top reasons why you should spend Primogems on Yae Miko's rerun banners if you haven’t got her, or you may have to wait very long until the next rerun.

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