Genshin Impact 3.2 released Nahida and featured Yoimiya in the first half of their patch. Now that the second half has arrived, we are witnessing the return of Yae Miko and Tartaglia. Their rerun banners also mean their signature weapons are also featured on the Epitome Invocation exclusive banner.

It might be hard to choose from these 5-star characters as they offer different playstyles and abilities. So who should you choose between Yae Miko vs Tartaglia?

Tartaglia is the fastest Hydro DPS/Enabler

Childe uses a bow and wields Hydro element in Genshin Impact. He does the best at quick attacks either with melee weapons and fast slashing techniques or firing arrows at opponents from a distance.

Although he uses a bow, his Elemental Skill can transform his Charged and Normal attacks into Hydrp melee ones. Each of his strikes is infused by the element and applies the status to opponents.

Besides, his application can trigger some of the most powerful elemental reactions in the game. You can especially use Tartaglia to enable on-field reverse-vape reactions which can deal high DMG.

Genshin Impact Childe Tartaglia Kamisato Ayato Yel
Tartaglia is one of the best bow-wielding units and a top Hydro character.

A weakness when using Tartaglia is that his cooldown time can be a problem as the longer he utilizes the Melee Stance, the longer time it will take. This may affect your team’s rotations if you don’t end his Elemental Skill at the right time.

Tartaglia is a strong bow-wielding character throughout many updates.

Yae Miko is a strong Electro DMG dealer

Different from Childe, Yae Miko is an Electro character that uses a catalyst as her weapon. She focuses on summoning lightning bolts which strike opponents consistently.

Thanks to this feature, she can help trigger Electro-related reactions even when she’s not on the field. Her Elemental Skill has 100% uptime and that’s why there is no worry about her ability’s cooldown time.

Yae Miko
Yae Miko's burst can create great damage.

Damage-wise, her Elemental Burst can be considered one of the strongest ones. She can be a driver that activates the reactions and also an enabler that helps trigger allies’ Elemental Reactions.

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Genshin Impact 3.2: Yae Miko vs Tartaglia?

So who to choose between Tartaglia and Yae Miko to pull for in Genshin Impact 3.2 banner?

If you want to use a variation of Genshin Impact National Team, it is highly recommended to get Tartaglia. He can help the Vaporize teams and is also amongst the most used characters in Spiral Abyss.

If you need an Electro DPS especially for the new Dendro reactions, then Yae Miko is the one for you.

In general, both Yae Miko and Tartaglia are worth getting, but as Childe has a longer history of usage, he may generally be a slightly better choice in the late game.

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