Genshin Impact has a long list of playable characters with different backgrounds, elements, abilities, and more. But there are many black sheep in each family of elements that you may not know. Check out the black sheep of each family here.

#1. Anemo: Jean

Jean is the black sheep in the Anemo family. There are eight Anemo characters in Genshin Impact now. And Jean is the only adult character in this family. All other characters from Anemo archon to the Claymore warrior Sayu have teenager and Loli/Shota designs. It makes Jean totally different from the rest of the Anemo family.

Jean Is The Only Adult Character
Jean is the only adult character

#2. Hydro: Claymore

There are nine Hydro characters in Genshin Impact now. But it's easy to realize that there is no Claymore user in this family. Ayato is the latest 5-star character in the Hydro family. Before his official release, a lot of players and leakers predict that Ayato might be the first claymore user in this game because there had been no 5-star Claymore Hydro character.

After Ayato debuted as a sword user, players are expecting that Dottore II will become a playable Hydro character who uses Claymore in the future. Before the official confirmation or his release, there is no Claymore character in the Hydro family until now.

Hydro Family Has No Claymore User
The Hydro family has no Claymore user

#3. Cryo: Catalyst

The Cryo family has eleven characters now. But you can find no catalyst character in this family until the current version. According to some leaks, Mika may be the first Cryo catalyst user in this game in the future, but not in the current version.

#4. Geo: Miss Pity

There is no Geo character that you get wrongly from character banners. Mona, Qiqi, Jean, Keqing, Diluc and Tignari. But there is no 5-star character for pity missing of Geo element. It's a black sheep in the Genshin Impact family.

Geo Character
There is no Geo character for missing pity. 

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