Apart from gameplay and abilities, Genshin Impact's characters are also attractive by their interesting backstories. Each character has a unique lore and an important role in the story of the game. Here are the top characters with the best-written lore in Teyvat.

#1. Scaramouche Is A Puppet

The infamous Fatui Harbinger has been released as a playable character named Wanderer. He has many other names, such as the Fatui's Balladeer and Kunikuzushi. Scaramouche is not a real human.

He is a puppet, but an emotional puppet. From the storytelling scenes of Wanderer, this character feels regret about being born to be controlled by others. That’s why Scaramouche took another name – Wanderer so he could live as a free and independent human.

Scaramouche Has A Touching Story
Scaramouche has a touching story.

#2. Nahida Is Wiser & Older Than Her Appearance

Nahida looks like a naïve little girl. But she has been watching over Sumeru as Lesser Lord Kusanali for over 500 years. Nahida is the purest branch from Irminsul which is the key to protecting Teyvat from the invasion of the Abyss.

With access to Akasha, Nahida knows everything though she looks young and innocent. She told the Traveler that she knew the world more than any other in Teyvat.

Nahida And Greater Lord
Nahida and Greater Lord Kusanali

#3. Ningguang’s Inspiring Business Tale

Ningguang is one of the most admirable and inspirative characters in Genshin Impact. This businesswoman used to go barefoot and sell her goods off the Yaoguang Shoal coast before becoming one of the wealthiest moguls in Teyvat living in the Jade Chamber of Liyue’s sky.

Though she seems to be ruthless in every dealings and serious about business, she is very friendly and kind to Liyue people and her friends, including Traveler.

Ningguang Genshin Impact
Ningguang is an admirable woman

#4. Shogun Is A Cold Puppet Of Ei

Like Scaramouche, the Shogun ruling Inazuma is only a puppet of Ei – the true Raiden archon of Inazuma. Ei is the current Electro archon who stays isolated in the Plane of Euthymia. Raiden Shogun is one of the most ruthless characters who locked Inazuma down and ruled this nation with a cold machine. Shogun is that heartless machine who only follows the directions of Ei.

The Different Raiden Shoguns
Raiden Shogun is only a puppet of Ei.

#5. Kazuha's Heavy Heart

Though Raiden Shogun under the control of Ei locked Inazuma down, she couldn’t lock hearts of freedom inside its border. Kazuha is one of those who escaped the lockdown and fled from the Vision Hunt Decree of Raiden Shogun. But he lost his best friend Tomo and many close friends in that war.

After becoming a wanderer with a free spirit and a heavy heart, he follows The Crux and Beidou to wander all around the world. With no friends in Inazuma to visit and no home to return to, Kazuha looks like a carefree wanderer. But he carries his heavy heart of memories about his family and best friends wherever he goes.

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