The new character Wanderer is the strongest Anemo DPS in Genshin Impact now. To make him a more dangerous DPS to every enemy, you should keep these tips in mind.

#1. Hovering Stamina Bar

Wanderer has an extra Hovering stamina bar apart from the normal stamina. You should keep an eye on that bar while using his elemental skill and keep in mind some rules for this extra stamina bar of Wanderer.

  • You consume more hovering stamina when holding the jump button and cannot hover too high.
  • Holding the dash button while hovering also consumes his stamina faster.
  • The hovering stamina bar will regenerate in his Windfavored state.
Hovering Stamina
Understand the hovering stamina of Wanderer.

#2. Diona’s Burst In Wanderer’s Team

Diona is a good party member of Wanderer’s team due to her Cryo application ability. Moreover, she can create a Cryo shield to keep the entire team safe, especially on-field DPS like Wanderer. But it’s difficult and complicated to combine these two characters.

You will stop the healing effect of Diona’s elemental burst when activating the elemental skill of Wanderer and use the jump button to increase the hovering height. Therefore, don’t press the jump button of Wanderer when he needs the healing effect of Diona.

Use Diona And Wanderers Skills Wisely
Use Diona and Wanderer's skills wisely

#3. Wanderer's Talents For Exploration

Unlike most of the DPS in Genshin Impact, the cooldown period of Wanderer’s elemental skill is short. It takes you only 6 seconds to reactivate his skill. That’s why Wanderer is a perfect DPS for the exploration team. You can use his skills and bursts instantly and take down enemies and monsters in the open world of Teyvat quickly.

#4. Swirling Buffs

The most useful ability of Anemo characters is their swirling skill. But Genshin Impact Wanderer can even get different buffs for his elemental skill from this reaction due to his Jade-Claimed Flower passive talent.

  • Cryo buff: Get a 20% Crit Rate buff.
  • Electro buff: get Energy for elemental burst charging from normal and charged attacks during his Windfavored form.
  • Pyro buff: Get a 30% ATK buff.
  • Hydro buff: maximum the Elemental Skill points to expand the period of Windfavored form.

Wanderer’s power does not depend on his constellation level. You only need to select proper teammates to get essential buffs.

Get Elemental Buff
Get elemental buff

#5. Gales Of Reverie Passive Talent

Gales of Reverie passive talent will be unlocked when you ascend Wanderer. But you should try to unlock it as soon as possible because this talent makes him a strong DPS. This character can cause a Descent effect to the opponent with his normal and charged attacks after casting the elemental skill.

If you see a shining symbol in the body of this character, this passive talent is activated. Then, he won’t consume stamina in the next dash and can fire 4 elemental arrows of Anemo at random enemies. Moreover, this skill also helps Wanderer evade the crowd-control attack of the opponent.

Gales Of Reverie Of Wanderer
Gales Of Reverie makes Wanderer a strong DPS.

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