Many support cards give your characters great buffs in Genius Invokation TCG. You should obtain those cards and use them every match to win all games quickly. Check out the top must-have Genshin Impact support cards you should purchase.

#1. Send Off

You need to use two Dice to use the support card of Send Off that is pretty costly. However, this card is totally worth it. The support card "Send Off" can help you remove a summon of the opponent.

It's crucial when you counter a strong character with a powerful Summon, such as the Celestial Shower of Ganyu. You can use 500 Lucky Coins to purchase one from the card shop. It's a low cost in this game.

Send Off
You should get the card Send Off from the card shop. 

#2. Strategize

The Strategize card also costs you only 500 Lucky Coins, but it's really essential in every match. When you use one Dice for the Strategize card, you can draw two new support cards for more options.

Sometimes, you may get a valuable functional card when using Strategize to win the game faster, or you may get a normal card to switch the element of the dice.

Strategize card featuring Kokomi.

#3. Jade Chamber

Jade Chamber is a famous location in Liyue. It's also There are two ways to get the Jade Chamber functional card in Genshin Impact Genius Invokation TCG:

  • Buy in the Card Shop with 700 Lucky Coins.
  • Defeat Bu'yun in Liyue.

Many players are tired of switching Dice or enemy right in the first round due to inconsistent elements. This support card helps you get rid of that annoying situation. Using this card guarantees that you have at least two starting Dice that have the same element as that of your active character.

Jade Chamber
Jade Chamber card

#4. Toss-Up

The support card "Toss-Up" costs you up to 1,000 Lucky Coins in the Card Shop of the Genius Invokation TCG event. You can also get it from Manual Reward after obtaining either 10 Character cards or 10,000 Lucky Coins.

It's totally free to use Toss-Up. You can select two undesirable dice to reroll when using this card in the card game. It can help guarantee the chance of getting the right elemental dice for your active character in your deck.

Toss Up
Toss-Up features Ningguang.

#5. Katheryne

Katheryne is a helpful supporter of Traveler in Teyvat. Her card in Genshin Impact Genius Invokation TCG is also very helpful. When using two Dice to activate this card, you don't have to pass your turn to the opponent when switching the character. Your character-switching action is considered a Fast Action in that round.

There are two ways to obtain a card of Katheryne in Genshin Impact's card game.

  • Win the card game against Lan in Liyue.
  • Spend 700 Lucky Coins to buy it in the Card Shop.

All these support cards are available to purchase. You should earn as many Lucky Coins as possible to buy all of them.

Katheryne card

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