Genius Invokation TCG is a new mini-game in Genshin Impact. This highly-anticipated game mode is new for all players. You need the following tips and tricks to win this new game in Genshin Impact 3.3 and get valuable rewards.

#1. Change Characters Wisely

When you change your character, you have to use a Dice. But you should keep an eye on the power of the current characters and their available attacks. Then, calculate which is the best character card to play. For example:

  • 4-star characters often have weak attacks;
  • You should use 5-star characters and use your supporting cards to redeem the Dice and charge the elemental skill and bursts of 5-star characters.

Besides, you should use 4-star characters to support 5-star characters in triggering elemental reactions. For example, summon the card of Oz when using Fischl to support Diluc and trigger the Overload reaction.

Understand Your Cards
Understand your cards and change characters wisely.

#2. Get More Character Cards

You should visit the Cat's Tail in Mondstadt City to get more character cards. There is an invitation board on the wall on the right of the Prince. Players can play with NPCs, such as Ayaka, Chongyun, Diluc, etc., and learn their sets of cards and gameplay to prepare for combat with other real players. Moreover, you can unlock the character card of that NPC and two supporting cards after defeating them.

#3. Level Up

It's not hard to level up in the Genshin Impact Genius Invokation TCG event. You only have to find more opponents and defeat them to earn EXP. Use the given tool to find surrounding players of the day to challenge or find the character with a card icon on their heads in the Cat's Tail. Keep in mind that the number of opponents is limited every day. You should try to win.

Find Npcs And Challenge To Level Up
Find NPCs and win the challenge to level up.

#4. Beginner's Trick

Beginners should use the given trick to play well. There is a setting icon on the upper right corner of the screen where you can enable the feature of showing the card details of the opponents. It lets you know the effect of the card that the opponent will use. This trick helps beginners understand all cards faster.

#5. Optimize Your Cards

To optimize your set of cards, you can go to see a blacksmith named Wagner in Mondstadt city. Then, remove the less useful card for your available character cards and add the more useful ones. These supporting cards are very essential in your real match.

Choose The Best Cards To Appear
Choose the best cards to appear.

#6. Go To Card Shop

You should visit the card shop of Genius Invokation TCG to purchase more supporting cards. Players will earn hundreds of coins after each victory. Then, you should use those coins to purchase the best supporting cards for your characters. There are some wonderful cards that can help you win the match quickly, such as:

  • Knights of Favonius Library;
  • When The Crane Returned;
  • The Bestest Travel Companion;
  • Strategize;
  • Leave It To Me;
  • Jade Chamber.

The cards of some NPCs, such as Liben, Paimon, Katheryne, and Tubby are perfect for special buffs.

#7. Complete Handbook

Each card player has a Genius Invokation TCG handbook to check the game missions and rewards. It's essential to complete these handbook missions and claim valuable rewards, such as Primogems, cards, and coins.

Play Wisely And Enjoy The Card Game
Play wisely and enjoy the card game.

#8. Don't Miss Any Chance

You should make use of any cards in your game to buff your characters and redeem the dice. If you run out of the necessary dice, don't hesitate to end the round and roll the dice again. Any cards you have got are useful in some ways. Don't waste them.

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