With Genshin Impact 3.3 finally out, it is about time for 3.4's leaks to come out from the beta. While MiHoYo is clamping down on leakers, they can't possibly catch them all - some leaks for Alhaitham's upcoming release in 3.4 is available at last.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase everything available so far about Alhaitham, including his expected release date, skill and burst.

1. Alhaitham in-game splash art

A blurry version of Alhaitham's Splash art has been leaked. In the image, we can see him drawing his sword with a wave of Dendro particles spawning around him. As Splash art is usually a showcase of a character's ability (with Keqing having clones, Collei having the summon...etc), it hints that Alhaitham will also summon some kind of Dendro area or construct.

Yaoyao's Splash art is also available as well. Apparently, she is also a summoner who can create Dendro constructs. If 3.4 has a similar format as 3.3, Yaoyao would likely be Alhaitham's support, similar to how Faruzan is Wanderer's best support.

2. Genshin Impact Alhaitham release date

Ever since 3.0 was revealed, Alhaitham was amongst the most hyped because he looks strong. Players only got a brief glimpse of Alhaitham's power as they explored Sumeru. He is a 5-star Dendro Sword user.

Alhaitham vs Cyno was a pretty hyped cutscene.

According to the latest leaks, he is going to come out during Genshin Impact 3.4's first banner. Based on the general length of the usual Genshin Impact banner, the 3.4 patch will come out around January 11. Alhaitham is going to be accompanied by the long-awaited 4-star Dendro healer Yaoyao.

3. Genshin Impact Alhaitham Playstyle

Fans who are planning to pull for Alhaitham will definitely want to check out these early leaks. As we already have plenty of Dendro support with the Archon, Yaoyao, Traveler, Collei... it is highly likely that Aihaitham will be a Dendro DPS.

Two credible Genshin Impact leakers known as neavis and hxg_diluc called Alhaitham Dendro Keqing/Ayaka. This means Alhaitham should be an on-field Sword DPS with a short window but spammable infusion, good Charged Attack and most of the power budget in an ultimate with many hits in big AoE.

Alhaitham's drip marketing is still not here yet.

Alhaitham Elemental Skill

Alhaitham's skill is the most detailed leak, with a lot of information available. Apparently, it is yet another Dendro construct summon, with Alhaitham throwing a Forlorn Lotus onto the battlefield. Players can hold his skill to manually aim the lotus. After releasing the lotus, Alhaitham will enter the Forlorn Lotus Mode where his normal attacks mark enemies. The effects of these marks are unknown.

Apparently, his weapon type also changes to "RuneWeapon" upon activation. This might refer to a unique weapon (like that of Raiden Shogun) or a Dendro elemental infusion.

Alhaitham Elemental Burst

Alhaitham's Elemental Burst releases some kind of Dendro fog onto the battlefield. It synergizes with his Forlorn Lotus ability, giving both the construct and Alhaitham bonus damage. Additionally, the Lotus also gains some more durability... however, it is unknown if the construct is a turret (like Yae Miko) or a Taunt (like Itto's Ushi).

Overall, based on his abilities, it is very likely that Alhaitham will be the first Dendro DPS who does not rely on reactions, as all his skills benefit himself and not the team. This would be a breath of fresh air, as all Dendro characters released so far have been revolving around Dendro reactions. He should still benefit from the spread reaction.

4. About Alhaitham

Alhaitham is a member of the Haravatat of the Sumeru Akademiya and the Akademiya's Scribe, responsible for documenting their findings and drafting ordinances.

Genshin Impact Al Haitham
Alhaitham's appearance in Genshin Impact


Alhaitham is only interested in studying whatever interests him, having forgone ownership of a supposed Divine Knowledge Capsule to simply study it. He also operates purely by rationality, which many people tend to find unacceptable.


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Alhaitham character model

Alhaitham is a tall, well-built man with gray hair with pale turquoise highlights. His irises are a light turquoise with orange pupils. He dons orange eyeshadow and wears a large gold earpiece with green details.

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