A lot of characters, both old and new, are scheduled for the upcoming Genshin Impact Sumeru updates. Leakers have done their job fairly well, shedding light on some of the new releases. By knowing this info, players should be able to prepare for the banner of the character they want.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the rough details of Yaoyao, Dehya, and Mika Kit, alongside a new Roadmap for 3.3-3.6.

Take note that these characters are still in development and the release version might not be the same.

Genshin Impact 3 1
Genshin Impact Sumeru

Alhaitham might come out in 3.4!

Based on a tweet from Ubatcha, it looks like the release date for Alhaitham has been pushed forward. Previously, he was not really included in any roadmaps. The character is actually one of the most anticipated in this update, just behind Nahida. Alhaitham will be a sword DPS character.

  • 3.3 Banner 1 - Wanderer (w/ Faruzan)
  • 3.4 - Alhaitham (5 Star) + Yaoyao (4 Star - Polearm)
  • 3.5 - Dehya (5 Star) + Mika (4 Star)
  • 3.6 - Baizhu + New char

Long-awaited additions like Yaoyao and Baizhu will finally make their debut in the upcoming versions, alongside fan favorites like Scaramouche. The new 4-star character Faruzan will a powerful support for Scaramouche's playstyle.

Yaoyao - Dendro Polearm

Yaoyao In The Forest
She was Xiangling's junior disciple under the same martial arts master, but has since become an assistant for Ganyu.

Apparently, Yaoyao is the long awaited Dendro healer for Bloom teams. She is going to use a polearm and will be a great unit to combo with Nilou and Nahida.

Dehya - Pyro Claymore

Genshin Impact Dehya
Dehya has one of the best designs in Sumeru - she is likely to top this patch's revenue alongside Nahida.

Dehya hails from the deserts of Sumeru. She is a well-known and powerful Eremite who also goes by the name "Flame-Mane" and also possesses a Pyro Vision. She is going to come out in 3.4 and will likely be a Pyro support instead of DPS.

Many players hope that her kit will do something for the Burning reaction, as it is really underwhelming so far.

Mika - Cryo Polearm

Maxresdefault 4
Mika is the younger brother of Huffman. He is also a member of Eula's Reconnaissance Company.

Mika will be released alongside Dehya. He is an event-exclusive NPC that appeared in Of Ballads and Brews. Overall, he seems to be a 4 star Cryo support who can heal the team, however, leaks are split on whether he will heal himself or heal his team with his Elemental Burst.

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