Genshin Impact 3.2 Livestream Program today will confirm all upcoming banners in Update 3.2. But we know which characters and weapons are coming to the game ten days later. Let's see which upcoming banners Genshin Impact are worth your Primogems.

I. Character Banners

There are many new and old characters released in Genshin Impact 3.2. The game will launch two banners in each phase.

  • First Phase

The first phase of update 3.2 features two new characters: Nahida (5-star) and Layla (4-star). Nahida, also known as Dendro Archon, is the most anticipated character in the upcoming update, especially after some leaks about her skills, talents, and a recent buff in the beta test.

Genshin Impact Nahida
Nahida is the best banner to roll in Genshin Impact 3.2.

The other banner is Yoimiya's rerun banner. Those who failed to acquire her in previous banners may also want to get her. But it's hard to achieve both these two characters unless you have at least 100 Acquainted Fates and a great fortune.

Therefore, it's better to roll Nahida because the current Dendro character list is still limited. But players have more options for Pyro DPS, and many old Pyro characters are stronger than Yoimiya. Besides, you have a high chance of getting Layla from both Nahida and Yoimiya's banners.

Yoimiya Genshin Impact
Yoimiya will return in a rerun banner.
  • Second Phase

In the second phase, Yae Miko and Childe will come back to the game in two rerun banners. They are both old characters. Especially, Childe has been featured in three banners before. Therefore, a lot of players have got this character already.

However, this is the first rerun of Yea Miko. Moreover, this character is more useful and powerful after the new Elemental is released with many new effective elemental reactions. Therefore, Yae Miko is better for the new meta of the game.

Yae Miko And Childe
Yae Miko and Childe.

But it depends on your prior and team build. If you need Childe or unlock further constellation levels for this character, you can save Primogems now and try your luck later.

II. Weapon Banners

There are only two weapons banners in Genshin Impact 3.2 for each version but you still have four 5-star weapons to obtain. Each phase has a weapon banner featuring two 5-star weapons that are often the signature weapon for the featured characters of that phase.

  • Phase 1

A Thousand Floating Dreams is the signature catalyst for Nahida. It's a green and white genie lamp. Besides, this banner will also feature the 5-star bow Thundering Pulse. You can use this bow for Yoimiya. A Thousand Floating Dreams is more worth spending Primogems.

A Thousand Floating Dreams
A Thousand Floating Dreams is the best weapon to spend Primogems.
  • Phase 2

The weapon banner in phase 2 also features two 5-star weapons, including the Catalyst Kagura's Verity and the bow Polar Star. These are among the best weapons for Yae Miko and Childe. Besides, there are many 4-star weapons featured in these banners.

If you are rich in Primogems, try to get the signature catalyst A Thousand Floating Dreams for Nahida.

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