Genshin Impact has both romantic locations and haunted places. You can take a trip to these spooky destinations to enjoy the Halloween atmosphere there.

#1. Tsurumi Island

The spookiest place in Teyvat is Tsurumi Island in Inazuma. The story of this land is very haunting: an innocent boy called Ruu was sacrificed by his tribe and his blood was stored on a chalice. The guardian of this island - Thunderbird became extremely vengeful and she massacred all people in that tribe to revenge for Ruu. This cursed island is always covered in thick fog and you can see ghosts and monsters everywhere.

Ruu On Tsurumi Island
Ruu on Tsurumi Island

#2. Nazuchi Beach

Nazuchi Beach is a historical battlefield where Tenryou troops and Watatsumi forces crashed and conflicted in the Vision Hunt Decree. You can see many Dendrobiums around this beach. These red flowers marked the location where the blood of those warriors had been shed.

#3. Seirai Island: Amakumo Peak

Raiden Shogun sealed the powerful remains of Thunderbird on Seirai Island. But then, the war between Ei and Orobashi unsealed them, causing Thunderbird Manifestation. Thunderbird left insane power that is devastating everything on its path. Moreover, you can see never-ending Thunderstorms at Amakumo Peak which looks very haunting.

Amakumo Peak
Amakumo Peak

#4. Yashiori Island: Serpent Head

The serpent god Orobashi on Watatsumi Island is the first victim of Raiden Shogun. When this god seized Yashiori Island for the resources to save starving citizens in Watatsumi. But Ei slayed Orobashi to retake Yashiori Island. The serpent god left the Tatarigami curse causing ceaseless storms on Yashiori as well as disease, plagues, and insanity there.

#5. Enkanomiya

Like Khaenriah, Enkanomiya is also a lost civilization. You cannot see any life when doing world quests or exploring this area. Players only talk and interact with shades and souls of perished people in Enkanomiya.


#6. The Chasm: Underground Mines

The Underground Mines in The Chasm is another haunted place in Teyvat. If you are scared of the dark and high places, this location will definitely frighten you. The long dark winding tunnels in the Chasm's Underground Mines can make your heart race in fear and one misstep can make your character drop and die.

#7. Wuwang Hill

Wuwang Hill is a creepy place in Liyue with blue floating spirit orbs everywhere. In the story of Hu Tao,  spirits with regrets reside in Wuwang Hill. This deserted hill lies on the borderline between life and death, so the atmosphere there is often murky and creepy, especially after the sunset.

Wuwang Hill
Wuwang Hill

#8. Mingyun Village

During the daytime, Mingyun village does not look very creepy. But in the world quest of "The Tree That Stands Alone", Traveler has to seek the lost wild of a dead man around this village with restless ghosts. It's a frightening trip but you can earn a treasure chest after completing the quest.

#9. Dragonspine: Strange Heart

It's very scary to see a large glowing red pulsing heart in the wild. You will see a large heart inside a dragon's skeletal remains. According to the game's story, it's the heart of the shadow dragon Durin who was killed by Dvalin. You can even hear this heart beating when approaching it.

Strange Heart
Durin's Heart

#10. Wolvendom

When you stand outside Wolvendom, it's not creepy at all. But when you step into Lupus Boreas's ground, it's filled with thick fog. Moreover, Lupus Boreas is a ghost that does not have a real body. Besides, Andrius is also hard to defeat.

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