Genshin Impact players can earn 110 Primogems when growing Golden Roses for Affan. But you need to collect the seed of this flower first. Check out all four Golden Rose Seed locations in Sumeru's desert here.

Golden Rose Seed Locations

Golden Rose Seed only spawns in the Hypostyle Desert area in Sumeru. Players have to complete the world quest chain " A Gifted Rose". When you go to the location of Golden Rose Seed in the Sumeru Desert, you have to use Geo attacks or Claymore to destroy the Stone Rose.

Golden Rose Seed Locations
There are four places to collect Golden Rose Seeds in the Sumeru desert.

Here are all four locations of Golden Rose Seeds you should visit.

  • Garden of Endless Pillars: The first Golden Rose seed appears near some bushes in the south of this domain.
  • Dune of Carouses: There is another Golden Rose seed near some Cacti and rocks at the entrance of this dune.
  • Dune of Elusion: There are two Golden Rose seeds in the North and South of this dune. The seed in the North is guarded by some Specters. The one in the South lies between two Cacti.

There are four seeds of Golden Rose but you only need to collect three seeds. These seeds are covered inside hard shells. Break those shells and get the seed inside. It's not easy to see these shells because they do not have outstanding color.

How To Collect Golden Rose Seed
You need to use a Geo character or Claymore user to collect Golden Rose Seed quickly.

How To Use Golden Rose Seed

After obtaining enough three Golden Rose Seeds, you can plant them in the Land of Lower Sutekh. Come back to Affan’s Nursery marked on the minimap. Then, you have to use the Dendro element to fertilize these seeds and make the Golden Rose grow.

When the Golden Rose grows, you return to talk to Affan and talk to him three times. Each time you talk to this NPC, you receive 30 Primogems and 2 Hero's Wits if you select the first dialogue option with a Golden Mark.

All Golden Rose Seed Locations In Genshin Impact
Talk to Affan to complete the quest and get 110 Primogems.

Moreover, this old man gives players additional rewards of 20 Primogems and the furnishing item Songs Amongst the Stones. This furnishing item can be used in your Serenitea Pot Realm. In total, Genshin Impact gives players 110 Primogems in this interesting mission.

Bonus: Serenitea Pot 3.2

The 'Replication' system will be a new feature in Serenitea Pot 3.2. This new feature lets players share their Teapot Realm design with others. In specific, each player has a unique Replica ID. You can use the Adeptal Mirror button to generate a replica within your layout.

Replica Feature
The new feature in Genshin Impact Serenitea Pot 3.2

Then, players can share their designs with other players. Besides, you can use your friends' designs by pasting their IDs in the box and previewing the design before choosing to use learn that design or not. The preview shows the design and percentages of its components.

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