Aeonblight Drake is a new normal boss in Genshin Impact. You need its drops to ascend many characters, including Nilou and Candace. Check out the location of Genshin Impact Aeonblight Drake and the best tips to defeat it.

Aeonblight Drake Location

You can find Aeonblight Drake in Devantaka Mountain in the Rainforest area of Sumeru. Follow these steps to find the cave entrance.

  • Use the Teleport Waypoint in Devantaka Mountain to get there.
  • Hit the nearly Clusterleaf of Cultivation to summon Four Leaf Sigils.
  • Follow these sigils to fly to the southeast of the waypoint.
  • Enter the cave entrance and head to the location of Aeonblight Drake inside the cave.
Aeonblight Drake
Aeonblight Drake location

Players can get many essential characters' ascension materials from this boss, such as Perpetual Caliber, Mora, EXP, and Ascension Gems of the Shivada and Varunada series. Moreover, you can receive random artifacts of the following sets:

  • Berserker;
  • The Exile;
  • Lucky Dog;
  • Wanderer's Troupe;
  • Gladiator's Finale.

You need to use 40 Original Resins or a Condensed Resin to claim these rewards after defeating this boss.

How To Defeat Aeonblight Drake

Aeonblight Drake is a normal boss but it's very dangerous and hard to defeat. You need to have some tips and wise strategies to defeat it faster.

  • Attack the head of this boss when it enters the charging state and creates a golden orb on its head. Try to interrupt it when the boss is charging to stop it from absorbing the Element or its elemental resistance will increase.
  • Hit its left and right wings when it's flying.

This boss will respawn after a few minutes. You should leave the ruin and go around to do some work before coming back to counter it again until you run out of resin.

Aeonblight Drake Tips
Attack its wings and head

Best Teams To Defeat Aeonblight Drake

Apart from the best tips and tricks, you also need strong teams to counter Aeonblight Drake. Based on your character list availability, you can make some changes and build your own team.

#1. Vaporize Team

You should build a Vaporize team with a powerful Pyro DPS and some Hydro supporters. Rich and lucky players should use Hu Tao as the main DPS and Yelan as the sub-DPS. You can use this team in the following order: Hu Tao > Xingqiu > Yelan >Thoma.

#2. Quicken Team

Quicken is a new powerful elemental reaction. It must be very powerful when countering this new enemy. The recommended characters and the order for this team can be Tighnari > Raiden Shogun > Kujou Sara > Zhongli.

#3. Vaporize & Shield

Yoimiya and Xingqiu can support each other and trigger the Vaporize elemental reaction. Besides, you should use Yun Jin and Zhongli to create solid shields and protect your characters from hard attacks from this boss.

Cryo Team
Choose the best characters to defeat this boss.

#4. Melt Team

Ganyu, Shenhe, and Yanfei can deal insane elemental DMG and trigger powerful Melt reactions. Then, you should use Kaedehara Kazuha's elemental skills and bursts to expand the effective area and capture the boss inside his storm.

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