Genshin Impact has both protagonist and antagonist characters. But surprisingly, the most ruthless characters are those who seem to be protagonists. Check out the top heartless characters in Genshin Impact here.

#1. Raiden Shogun

Raiden Shogun is enormously believed to be the archon of Inazuma who is called either Ei or Baal. However, it is right. Ei is the current Inazuma’s archon, but she is neither the Raiden Shogun nor Baal.

The original Electro archon and Raiden Shogun is Baal, also known as Makoto Raiden, who is heartless, cold, and fearless. She runs the cruel Vision Hunt Decree without caring for thousands of people in her country. Moreover, Raiden killed La Signora without a second hesitation after defeating the Fatui Harbinger.

Raiden Shogun Vs La Signora
Raiden Shogun killed La Signora without hesitance.

#2. La Signora

The defeated Fatui Harbinger La Signora is also one of the most heartless characters in Genshin Impact. In her first appearance in the storyline of the game, she made everyone memorize her heartlessness.

Venti was ambushed right in front of everyone’s eyes in Mondstadt. When everybody thinks that he might be killed by Signora, he, fortunately, survived after the eighth Harbinger stole his Gnosis.

La Signora
La Signora is a cold Fatui Harbinger.

#3. Ningguang

Despite the elegant and soft appearance, Ningguang becomes unemotional and cold-blooded when money is involved. She is a famous businesswoman in Liyue who was born into and working hard for money.

Though she is a kind-hearted person who is willing to sacrifice her Jade Chamber to protect Liyue’s citizens, Ningguang is still strict and severe as Tianquan of Liyue Qixing. The businesswoman will hunt down those who cheated her financially and force them to pay up.

Ningguang Genshin Impact
Ningguang is stricter when money is included.

#4. Childe

Childe is also known as Tartaglia, the 11th Harbinger of the Fatui. Moreover, he is a sharp and dangerous weapon of Tsaritsa. He can summon an ancient dragon to destroy the harbor city of Liyue just for fun.

When Childe and the Traveler confront, the Fatui Harbinger didn’t hesitate to unleash the deadly Foul Legacy form to defeat the Traveler though he had acted friendly when they collaborate during their adventure. The drastic change in this character hurts the Traveler’s heart more than his punches.

Tartaglia Genshin Impact
Childe turns ruthless when facing off the Traveler.

#5. The Traveler’s Twin

Either Lumine or Aether is the Traveler’s twin, depending on which main character you select at the beginning of the game. In the storyline of Genshin Impact revealed in the quest of Dainself, the Traveler's twin joined hands with the Abyss Order to avenge Khaenri'ah’s people.

They are willing to fight against their sibling to help the Abyss Order reach their goals. It surprises a lot of players and makes the Traveler shocked when those ruthless Abyss Orders call their twin ‘leader’. The twin seems to turn their back on their own blood and become a rival of the Traveler.

The Travelers Twin
The Traveler's Twin

Do you agree with this list? Who are the most heartless characters in your mind? Leave a comment to discuss.

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