Along with the new region comes new characters and new materials. The vast land of Sumeru present a lot of new plants and flowers including Henna Berry. For those uninitiated, Henna Berry used to be called Redcrest before the name change due to some translation error.

Besides, Henna Berry is used as one of the ascension materials for Faruzan and Candace. If you wish to ascend these characters or stack some of them for later purposes, here’s a breakdown of Henna Berry locations in Genshin Impact.

Faruzan Henna Berry
Henna Berry locations for Faruzan and Candace ascensions.

Henna Berry locations and farming route

Henna Berry is a specialty that can only be found in Sumeru’s desert regions. While the desert is indeed very wide, you can still spot these Henna Berries quite easily thanks to their vibrant crimson color.

Moreover, don’t bother looking for it on the ground as Genshin Henna Berry location is only on cacti. You will have to farm 168 Henna Berries for each character’s level 90 ascension.

Below is a fast farming route for Henna Berry locations.

Aaru Village

Players should start farming from Aaru Village. You can find 19 Henna Berries in this region.

While gamers can pick the spawn location randomly, the quickest route would start from the topmost waypoint, then make the way down the bottom.

henna berry locations Aaru Village
The first Genshin Henna Berry location is around Aaru Village.

Land of Upper Setekh

The next Genshin Henna Berry location should be the Land of Upper Setekh. This area is in southeastern the Sumeru desert and has more than 26 spawn locations for Henna Berry.

You should begin with waypoints that are closer to spawn locations of this material and later go to those that spawn farther away.

Land Of Upper Setekh henna berry locations
Then, head to the Land of Upper Setekh for 26 Henna Berries.

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The Dune of Magma

Once you have completed farming the previous Henna Berry locations, you should go to the Dunes of Magma next.

As can be seen in the picture below, players can farm Henna Berries from 11 locations in this zone.

The Dune Of Magma
The Dune of Magma is one of the Henna Berry locations you must not miss.

The Dune of Carouses

The last Genshin Henna Berry location is the Dune of Carouses. You may get 22 spawn locations here.

For starters, you should begin from the Statue of the Seven, then later go to the domain on the left side of the photo.

The Dune Of Carouses
Lastly, don't forget the Dune of Carouses.

For the unknown, you may only harvest 80 Henna Berries at once. As you have collected them, it is necessary to wait 48 real-time hours for the Henna Berries to respawn. You need to go through this Henna Berry farming route three times to get enough materials.

Besides, you should use characters like Nahida and Tighnari for easier farming.

Nahida can get harvestable items if you hold her Elemental Skill. Meanwhile, Tighnari owns an ascension passive that lets him see collectible items on the minimap in a certain proximity.

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