Genshin Impact 3.3 is finally out, and along with it, the new characters Wanderer and Faruzan. They are both Anemo - the former is a ranged DPS while the latter is probably the first dedicated support for the element.

Anemo characters have always been considered weak in the damage department, with the exception of Xiao. However, Faruzan's inclusion might change this forever. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the best Genshin Impact Faruzan team comps for Anemo DPS.

Currently, there are only three worthwhile Anemo DPS: Xiao, Wanderer and Heizou. Because of that, our guide will focus on Faruzan's team comps with the three characters. While Venti, Kazuha and Jean can definitely build for DPS, they are just not that good. Faruzan is useless outside of Anemo DPS teams.

1. Faruzan + Wanderer teams

Most optimal: Wanderer + Faruzan + Bennett/Xiangling + Layla/Diona

This team is built around the Wanderer + Faruzan combo. Players would use Bennett/Xiangling's Pyro, shield up with Cryo then switch to Faruzan for Anemo RES shred and Anemo DMG boost. Afterward, just switch to Wanderer and fire away.

Genshin Impact Version 3 3
Faruzan's kit is designed to serve Wanderer.

As Wanderer gains buff based on the element of his supports, a Pyro and a Cryo would give him an extra 30% ATK and 20% Crit Rate. Most players probably got either Bennett or Xiangling up, so building this team should be easy.

Wanderer needs a shielder who can also apply elements off-field, and Layla is the best for that. Diona should still be ample support if you already built her for any of your Ayaka/Ganyu/Eula teams.

Faruzan's main support ability is her Burst, therefore, players should put an ER weapon on her (like Favonius or Sacrificial bow) for her kit to be more consistent.

Freeze team: Wanderer + Faruzan + Xingqiu/Yelan + Layla/Diona

Hydro gives Wanderer more "flying points" so that he can move around in the air. It works similarly to the comp above, but with the additional benefit of Cryo occasionally reacting with Hydro to freeze enemies. Xingqiu is a pretty common support that most players should already have built up. Yelan yield more damage to Wanderer with her passive, however.

Diona Icy Paws
Diona is a great multipurpose Cryo support

Faruzan serves the same role in this comp - players just need to switch her in, cast all her skills, then switch Wanderer in. Try to use her right before Wanderer in the rotation to maximize the duration of her buffs.

What about Electro?

The electro bonus for Wanderer (Energy regeneration) is the most underwhelming, however, it is definitely still useful, as Wanderer's Burst has a high multiplier.

However, players need to run a shielder alongside Wanderer and Faruzan - which is rather difficult, as Thoma, Xinyan and Beidou are just not that good. This is why most optimal Wanderer teams need a Cryo character.

2. Faruzan + Xiao teams

Build Xiao
Xiao finally get a good support who can work well with his kit.

Most optimal: Xiao + Faruzan + Bennett + Zhongli

Xiao is a terrifying DPS, with the ability to spam his plunge attacks that deal huge Anemo DMG while his Burst is up. Faruzan can apply Anemo RES decrease at enemies and DMG Bonus to Xiao by using her Elemental Burst. While at C6, Faruzan’s Elemental Burst can provide additional CRIT DMG Bonus to Xiao.

Bennett provides the team with heal and ATK boost. Zhongli provides Xiao with the much-needed protection - as Xiao's Burst drains his HP, he really needs that shield to keep himself from getting killed. The shield also prevents interruption allowing Xiao to combo in peace. Additionally, Zhongli also carries the Tenacity set and shreds enemies' DEF.

Xiao + Faruzan + Shielder + Flex

As mentioned above, Anemo is an element that doesn't really have much support, and on top of that, Xiao's playstyle is also rather unique. Players can't switch him out because that would end his Burst prematurely.

Xiao and Faruzan are more than enough synergy - players can just fill the last two slots with any flex character they want/have. A shielder would be great for him, as Xiao needs the extra protection - Layla/Diona or Zhongli can fulfill this role.

The last slot could be any off-field support character, from Xingqiu to Xiangling or Fischl...etc.

3. Faruzan + Heizou teams

Genshin Impact Heizou Min
Heizou is a pretty underrated character.

Most optimal: Heizou + Faruzan + Bennett + Yelan

Heizou is actually pretty similar to Wanderer - they are both Anemo DPS characters who use Catalyst. Because of that, Faruzan can support him just as well with her Anemo DMG boost and Anemo RES shred.

Bennett and Yelan provide extra elemental application off-field and ATK boost so that Heizou could deal more Swirl damage. The rotation is pretty much identical to Wanderer and Xiao - just leave Faruzan right before Heizou to maximize her Anemo buffs.

Heizou + Faruzan + 2 Flex

If players don't want to use Bennett and Yelan, any off-field elemental enablers should do. Again, Xingqiu, Xiangling, Diona and Fischl should be your go-to supports.

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