As usual, the pre-release version of a Genshin character is usually much stronger than the actual release version. Alhaitham is apparently not an exception to this rule - a recent leak has revealed a massive nerf to all his numbers.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase everything available about Alhaitham's multiplier so far to see if he's still worth pulling for.

Alhaitham might even become worse than Keqing.

1. Alhaitham multiplier changes

His entire kit gets hit with the nerf hammer. They nerfed his CAs, nerfed the initial hit of his E by a ton (705->282), also nerfed the 1 mirror attack, buffed his 2 and 3 mirror attacks by like 1%, and his burst also got demolished (437->175).

  • Charged Attack DMG: 140.8% 112.6% (x2)

Elemental Skill

  • Rush Attack DMG: 352.8% ATK + 705.6% EM 352.8% ATK + 282.2% EM
  • 1-Mirror Projection Attack DMG: 172.8% ATK + 345.6% EM 145.8% ATK + 291.6% Elemental Mastery
  • 2-Mirror Projection Attack DMG: 115.2% ATK + 230.4% EM 116.6% ATK + 233.3% EM (x2)
  • 3-Mirror Projection Attack DMG: 96% ATK + 192.1% EM 97.2% ATK + 194.4% EM (x3)

Elemental Burst

  • Single-Instance DMG: 218.9% ATK + 437.8% EM 218.9% ATK + 175.1% EM

2. Other Alhaitham nerfs

Alhaitham talent nerf

Each point of Alhaitham's Elemental Mastery will increase the DMG dealt by Projection Attacks and Particular Field: Fetters of Phenomena by 0.12% 0.09%. The maximum DMG increase for both these abilities is 100% 90%.

Signature weapon changes

Overall the stats of Alhaitham's signature weapon, the Light of Foliar Sanction sword, has been nerfed severely. The R1 now has literally half the power of the previous version.

  • Nerfs: From +8 CR to +4CR at R1, DMG increased by 200% EM to 120% EM at R1
  • Buffs: Foliar Sanction effect disappears after 16 DMG instances to after 28 DMG instances

3. Is Alhaitham still worth pulling for?

The nerf mainly focused on Alhaitham's combo. His Skill + CA + Burst combo deals much less damage now compared to the Pre-release version.

Alhaitham's Burst damage playstyle involves opening up first with his Skill to get Dendro infusion and 2 mirrors, then using his Charged attacks to get the third one. Hit a few times with his Dendro infusion attacks to trigger the Mirrors' big damage instance then fire off his Burst for another 10 instances of damage. This allows players to switch him out and use other DPS characters. After his Burst consumed all the Mirrors, Alhaitham needs 10s to get infusion back again.

Alhaitham Skill
Alhaitham Skill

Players can still play him as a NA main, with Dendro infusion and the spread reaction. As the biggest nerf is to his Burst, Alhaitham can still perform normally by continuously chaining Skill, CA and Burst to create Mirrors and infusion.

4. Best supports for Alhaitham

With this change, players might need to get some good support for him now - it is likely that Yaoyao or Nahida would be decent in this role.

Yaoyao can heal and boost Alhaitham's damage at C1, while Nahida can boost his damage all over the board. However, with these multipliers, it is very likely that Nahida would out-damage him.

For electro spread support, players can run either Fischl, Yae Miko, Dori or Kuki Shinobu, based on what they have.

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