ICD stands for Internal Cooldown - a pretty complex index in the game. Understanding this critical index helps you build your party well and perform better in this game. Let's learn about ICD in Genshin Impact here.

I. What Is ICD?

The combat system in Genshin Impact revolves around elemental reactions. When two different elements meet in a target, they trigger an elemental reaction. For example, when you apply the target marked with Hydro, that enemy gets the Vaporize reaction.

However, not all your character's attacks can deal elemental DMG or put an elemental mark on them. For example, only the first, third, and fifth charged shots of Yoimiya can deal Pyro DMG, mark the target with Pyro, or trigger elemental reactions. It's due to the ICD.

Genshin Impact Elemental Reaction
Understanding ICD helps you trigger more elemental reactions and make use of your party members.

II. How Does ICD Work?

Genshin Impact veterans can figure out two major rules of the ICD.

  • Your elemental attack will create a new elemental mark every 2.5 seconds after the previous attack.
  • The 3rd elemental attack will make a new elemental mark.

For example, you can check these two rules in the normal attack of Yoimiya. The first attack will deal Pyro DMG and mark the enemy with Pyro. Due to the ICD, the second and third arrows of this character deal only physical ATK damage.

Then, the fourth and the seven attacks are similar to the first arrow. But the fifth and the sixth attacks between them deal no elemental damage or create any elemental mark due to the ICD. That's why you should try to shoot all seven arrows without interruption when using Yoimiya's attack combo.

Hu Tao Can Make Use Of Her Icd
Hu Tao can make use of her attacks due to short ICD.

If Yoimiya gets interrupted in the third attack, for instance, she has to start over and get an ICD deviation. The elemental damage and mark can be switched to the second and fifth arrows, and you will miss an elemental mark. The elemental damage can also be decreased.

III. ICD & Genshin Impact Characters

According to the rule of ICD, Xingqiu is one of the best characters to give the Hydro mark to the target in Genshin Impact. After activating the elemental burst, this character shoots five Hydro swords at the target. Besides, there are some special characters with unique ICDs.

  • Characters using polearms have 0.5 seconds of ICD. That's why Hu Tao looks very powerful because she can make use of every single attack and reaction.
  • Oz of Fischl has an ICD of 5 seconds or 4 attacks.
  • Venti's burst has an ICD of 4 seconds or 3 attacks.
  • The ICD of the Burning reaction is 2 seconds.
  • The elemental burst of Diluc has an ICD of 5 seconds or 5 attacks.
  • Dori's elemental burst has a 3-second ICD.

Those are some secrets about the hidden index of ICD. It's pretty useful to understand this index and its application in building the best team with the most elemental reactions.

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