Alhaitham, one of the most anticipated Dendro DPS characters, is going to come out next year in the upcoming Genshin Impact 3.4 update. Due to his excellent design and DPS role, many players have been waiting for Alhaitham to come out.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase everything you need to know about Alhaitham's Ascension and Talent materials so that they can pre-farm them.

Genshin Impact Alhaitham
Genshin Impact Alhaitham

Genshin Impact Alhaitham Ascension Materials

Alhaitham use a lot of new materials so players won't be able to pre-farm for him.

Ascension Phase Stone Boss
Phase 1 Nagadus Emerald Sliver x1 Sand Grease Pupa x3 Faded Red Satin x3 20000
Phase 2 Nagadus Emerald Fragment x3 Pseudo-Stamens x2 Sand Grease Pupa x10 Faded Red Satin x15 40000
Phase 3 Nagadus Emerald Fragment x6 Pseudo-Stamens x4 Sand Grease Pupa x20 Trimmed Red Silk x12 60000
Phase 4 Nagadus Emerald Chunk x3 Pseudo-Stamens x8 Sand Grease Pupa x30 Trimmed Red Silk x18 80000
Phase 5 Nagadus Emerald Chunk x6 Pseudo-Stamens x12 Sand Grease Pupa x45 Rich Red Brocade x12 100000
Phase 6 Nagadus Emerald Gemstone x6 Pseudo-Stamens x20 Sand Grease Pupa x60 Rich Red Brocade x24 120000

Nagadus Emerald

Nagadus Emerald is the ascension stone for all Dendro characters. Alhaitham is no exception.

Nagadus Emerald

Players can get them by doing the following:

  • Defeating Jadeplume Terrorshrooms or Dendro Hypostasis
  • Nagadus Emerald can be randomly obtained from Chests, Daily Commissions, and Events.
  • Players can convert other types of gemstone into Nagadus Emerald using Dust of Azoth, or merge lesser emeralds into higher tier ones, at a rate of 3:1.


This is a new Ascension Material in 3.4, dropped by Lv. 30+ Wind-Bitten Sandworms.

The pale wing-sheathes hiding in a sandworm’s tail are as thin as the blooming stamens of a flower. It is said that in the past, even before the beginning of time, they used to travel through the moist land under meadows and forests, similar to birds flying across the sky and fish swimming in the water. It is generally believed that their mimicry of flowers is to lure lost prey caught by sandstorms. There is also a theory, however, that their imitation of a blooming flower was inspired by the splendid blossoms countless epochs ago, which have long gone the way of the desert winds.

Sand Grease Pupa

Another new material to debut in 3.4. Players can find them in Wenut Tunnels, deep in the desert where the Quicksand Unagi breed. The hardened shell is meant to protect the larval bodies of the Unagi until they finally acclimate to the conditions of the dry desert.

In the legend of the desert folk, Quicksand Eels and sandworms are all descendants of the giant serpent that once devoured the sun. Although this statement is but groundless, judging from the research on Sand Grease Pupa, it does share many similarities with the body fat of sandworms given their respective composition. It is precisely because of this that sometimes cunning merchants will collect Sand Grease Pupas and grind them into powder to pass off as the high-end spices extracted from the body fat of sandworms.

Faded Red Satin

Faded Red Satin, Trimmed Red Silk, and Rich Red Brocade are all dropped by Eremites, which are all over the place in Sumeru.

Eremites locations

Genshin Impact Alhaitham Talent Materials

Level Up
Mora Special
Teachings of Ingenuity x3 Faded Red Satin x6 12500
Guide to Ingenuity x2 Trimmed Red Silk x3 17500
Guide to Ingenuity x4 Trimmed Red Silk x4 25000
Guide to Ingenuity x6 Trimmed Red Silk x6 30000
Guide to Ingenuity x9 Trimmed Red Silk x9 37500
Philosophies of Ingenuity x4 Rich Red Brocade x4 Mirror of Mushin x1 120000
Philosophies of Ingenuity x6 Rich Red Brocade x6 Mirror of Mushin x1 260000
Philosophies of Ingenuity x12 Rich Red Brocade x9 Mirror of Mushin x2 450000
Philosophies of Ingenuity x16 Rich Red Brocade x12 Mirror of Mushin x2 700000 Crown of Insight x1

Ingenuity series

Ingenuity Series is Talent-level materials that can be obtained in the Steeple of Ignorance Domain on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday.

Mirror of Mushin

The boss material for Alhaitham can be farmed from Scaramouche, the 3.2 weekly boss. Players will need to defeat him 18 times to max Alhaitham's talents.

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Beat this boss to get the boss material for Alhaitham

Daka's Bell and Puppet Strings can be converted into Mirror of Mushin using Dream Solvent.

Light of Foliar Sanction Ascension Materials

Alhaitham is going to be released alongside his signature weapon, the 5-star sword 'Light of Foliar Sanction'. If you are going to main him, pulling for this weapon is a must, as it has a very high CRIT DMG bonus and has bonus based on EM.

Ascension Materials

Below is a list of all the Ascension Materials you need to max out this weapon in Genshin Impact:

  • 5x Copper Talisman of the Forest Dew
  • 14x Iron Talisman of the Forest Dew
  • 14x Silver Talisman of the Forest Dew
  • 6x Gold Talisman of the Forest Dew
  • 23x Desiccated Shell
  • 27x Sturdy Shell
  • 41x Marked Shell
  • 15x Faded Red Satin
  • 23x Trimmed Red Silk
  • 27x Rich Red Brocade
  • 225,000 Mora

Players can get the Talisman of the Forest Dew materials in the Tower of Abject Pride on Monday, Thursday and Sunday. They drop from the fungus enemies.

All 3 levels of shells drop from Lv. 60+ Blessbone Beasts, which can be found in Spiral Abyss. Lastly, Red Satin can be found by defeating Lv. 60+ Eremites.

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