Unlike other new supports in Genshin Impact, Candace doesn't have a paired character she works best with. Candace’s elemental burst, Sacred Rite: Wagtail’s Tide, only offers a flat 20% damage bonus. Many fans were disappointed by the ability and compared it to Yun Jin’s more efficient burst that grants a 76% damage increase based on her Defense.

However, the buffs she offers can still be pretty considerable. With all HP artifacts and the Black Tassel, she can reach 40k HP, which increases the damage boost of her Burst to about 40%. She also enables Hydro resonance on top of that. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the Genshin Impact Candace best team comps.

1. Candace Cyno team

How To Use Cyno
Cyno team
  • Candace + Cyno + Yun Jin + Zhongli

Cyno's DPS ability is his Elemental Burst, which requires 100% field time. This is why players need to stack their teams with supports who don't need to be on the field and can be swapped out at a moment's notice. In this team comp, Candace will buff Cyno's Normal Attack, alongside Yun Jin.

Zhongli is there to enable Geo Resonance with Yun Jin, reduce enemies' RES and trigger GEO resonance.

Team Roles

  • Candace: Buffer (4pc Noblesse Oblige)
  • Cyno: Main DPS
  • Zhongli: Shielder, debuffer, buffer (4pc Tenacity of the Millelith)
  • Yun Jin: Damage buffer

2. Candace Ayato team

Ngay Phat Hanh Genshin Impact Ayato
Ayato team
  • Candace + Kamisato Ayato + Yun Jin + Bennett

Candace is a great support for Ayato, as she can enable Hydro resonance while boosting his normal attack damage. Similar to the first comp, Yun Jin is also here to boost the normal attack damage of Ayato. The last slot can be fitted with whoever - players can either use an Electro off-field support like Fischl or the usual Pyro supports Xiangling/Bennett.

Players can also replace Yun Jin with another Pyro support for Pyro Resonance and more consistent vaporize triggers.

Team Roles

  • Candace: Buffer (4pc Noblesse Oblige)
  • Yun Jin: Damage buffer
  • Kamisato Ayato: Main DPS
  • Bennett: ATK buffer

3. Candace Childe team

Facts About Childe
Childe team
  • Candace + Childe + Xiangling + Bennett

Candace can be the last slot on Childe's team if players don't have Kazuha. This team focuses on both Childe's melee damage during Burst and his vaporize reaction damage with the Xiangling + Bennett duo. With three 4-star characters, building artifacts for this team comp is rather easy and players can focus more on the main DPS - Childe.

It is also possible to replace Xiangling and Bennett with Beidou and Fischl for a Taser comp. This is also one of Childe's meta teams and should be able to clear Abyss floor 12 quite easily.

Team Roles

  • Candace: Buffer (4pc Noblesse Oblige)
  • Xiangling: sub DPS, vaporize enabler
  • Childe: Main DPS
  • Bennett: ATK buffer

4. Candace Hyperbloom team

Dendro MC team
  • Kokomi + Candace + Dendro MC + Dori

This is a hyperbloom team comp with Kokomi serving as the main DPS. Candace will be the main support, enabling Hydro resonance for Kokomi and increase her damage. Afterward, players can use either Dendro MC or Collei for the Dendro application, and lastly, Beidou, Dori, or Kuki Shinobu to trigger Hyperbloom.

Most team comp involving Candace would use other off-field supports, as she mainly pairs with a normal ATK DPS character.

Team Roles

  • Sangonomiya Kokomi: Main DPS (4pc Ocean-Hued Clam), healer
  • Dori: Hyperbloom trigger (4pc Gilded Dreams, triple EM), battery
  • Dendro MC: Dendro enabler, debuffer (4pc Deepwood Memories)
  • Candace: Buffer (4pc Instructor if with Kokomi, 4pc Noblesse Oblige if the Hydro DPS is Ayato or Childe), Hydro enabler (C6)

5. Candace main DPS team

Candace Official Screenshot
Main DPS Candace can work fairly decently.
  • Candace + Yun Jin + Xiangling + Bennett

If players like Candace and want to use her as the main DPS of the team, it is definitely possible. Her playstyle is similar to other Normal attack DPS characters - players can pair her with Yun Jin, C6 Thoma, and supports such as Bennett/Xiangling or Kazuha.

Players probably already have Xiangling and Bennett ready - just add a Kazuha to increase the vaporize damage with his EM boost and the team is good to go. A C6 Thoma would be the best pick, but it is unlikely that many players have him at that constellation.

Team Roles

  • Candace: Main DPS (4pc Heart of Depths)
  • Bennett: Buffer (4pc Noblesse Oblige), healer
  • Kaedehara Kazuha: Buffer, debuffer (4pc Viridescent Venerer)
  • Yun Jin: Damage buffer

6. Candace Yoimiya team

Yoimiya Burst
Ranged attackers also benefit from Candace
  • Candace + Yoimiya + Bennett + Yun Jin

Besides the usual combinations, players can also put Candace to work on ranged normal attack comps with bow characters like Yoimiya, Venti or Fischl. After all, she is cheap to build with her only scaling being HP. Pair her up with Yun Jin for more damage boost, and finish the last slot with a generic buffer such as Bennett.

This team might not be able to beat the highest floor or Abyss, but it should be fine for moderately challenging content.

Team Roles

  • Candace: Buffer
  • Yoimiya: Main DPS
  • Bennett: Buffer (4pc Noblesse Oblige), healer
  • Yun Jin: Damage buffer

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