Kaedehara Kazuha Rerun banner is still uncertain in the next update 2.7 in Genshin Impact. But you should start to save Primogems for his rerun banner. Here are the top reasons to save Primogems for this swordsman.

#1. Useful For World Exploration

Kaedehara Kazuha is one of the second-best characters for the world exploration after Venti. His passive talent lets him consume less stamina by 20% while gliding. Besides, he can make a double jump with her Elemental Skill, even when he is in the mid-air.

So, he can bypass difficult puzzles, terrains, and obstacles to traverse the world easily. Moreover, he can reach a high place faster by doing a double jump rather than climbing.

Kazuha Glides
Kazuha glides a longer distance than other characters because he consumes less stamina.

#2. Amazing Visuals

Kazuha's Elemental Burst is one of the most iconic and unique skills that can make incredible visuals in the wild of Teyvat. He can create a stunning wind swirl with beautiful autumn leaves to turn the battlefield into a mind-blowing work of art.

The wind swirls can be dyed with the color of the element it interacts with, such as orange Pyro, purple Electro, and blue Hydro and Cryo. It can also spread the elemental bursts of other characters.

Kazuha Burst
His elemental burst can interact with other elements to create spectacular visuals on the battlefield.

#3. CC Ability

CC, also known as crowd control, is an important ability in world exploration in Teyvat and crowd combat challenges like Spiral Abyss. It's very useful to clear the enemy faster when your team encounters a group of Hilichurls and Treasure Hoarders.

Run toward the opponents and use his Elemental Skill to plunge Kazuha into the enemy group. Then, slash and deliver a powerful blow.

Kazuha Crowd Control
Kazuha has a great crowd control ability with both elemental skill and burst.

#4. Versatility

Kaedehara Kazuha is a very versatile swordsman in Genshin Impact. He can play both DPS and supporter roles in any team. You don't need to care about the elemental reaction, buff, and other elements when choosing Kazuha for your team.

Kazuha can deal tons of damage on enemies as a DPS and buff his teammates well in the role of a supporter. You should use the Viridescent Venerer artifact set for this swordsman.

Kazuha Elemental Burst
Kazuha can play both DPS and DMG buff roles in any team, from exploration to Spiral Abyss teams.

#5. Amazing Buffs

As a strong Anemo character with great Elemental Mastery stats, Kazuha boosts the damage of his teammate insanely. Both the Viridescent Venerer artifact set and his own ability give other team members Elemental DMG buffs.

That's why you should go to the Valley of Remembrance domain and collect two or four pieces of Viridescent Venerer for Kazuha. It boosts both this Anemo Swirl DMG and other characters' power.

Those are the top reasons for you to start to save Primogems for Kaedehara Kazuha from now. He may come back in a rerun banner in update 2.7 or later.

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