There are four female Fatui Harbingers in Genshin Impact. They are not only beautiful but also powerful and dangerous. Check out some details about La Signora, Sandrone, Arlecchino, and Columbina here.

#1. La Signora - The Fair Lady

La Signora is the first female Fatui Harbinger to appear in Genshin Impact. She has a super hot and appealing appearance with three perfect rounds and a pair of straight long legs. Signora is also known as The Fair Lady or called Rosalyne by her fellows.

When she first appeared in the story quest of Venti, her charming appearance made lots of players go nuts. But this beautiful lady was killed by Raiden Shogun. Then, Signora was reborn to be a Crimson Witch of Flames - a dangerous Pyro and Cryo boss in Inazuma. The Pyro butterfly in the teaser can be the soul of Signora who came back with her fellows.

La Signora
La Signora was very beautiful and appealing.

#2. Sandrone - Dangerous Puppet

Another beautiful lady harbinger in the Interlude Teaser is Sandrone, a dangerous puppet. She looks small and adorable when standing in front of her giant puppet which is the advanced Humanoid Machine. But Sandrone is much more dangerous than you think.

Childe said that whenever he met Sandrone, she looked like she wanted to kill him. This lady is always engrossed in her research. This lady can make and control giant and dangerous puppets with insane power and abilities. She will be a powerful and dangerous fighter if she is playable in Genshin Impact.

Sandrone Genshin
Sandrone hides an insane personality inside her adorable appearance.

#3. Arlecchino - Beautiful Servant

Arlecchino is a cool Fatui lady with a cold voice and appearance. Moreover, this female Harbinger has creepy eyes with a pair of red crosses inside. When she joined the funeral of La Signora and stood next to the casket of her dead fellow, Arlecchino still expressed her anger coldly.

Though Arlecchino looks beautiful, Childe said he does not like her at all. This dangerous woman can betray her fellows for benefit. She can turn against her Queen - the Tsaritsa in a heartbeat. Childe commented that she had an insane bone in her body.

Arlecchino looks very cold and dangerous.

#4. Columbina - Secret Little Girl

Columbina may look the most naive among the four female Harbingers but she can be the most dangerous girl. Her fellow - Childe advised you to be careful around this woman. Though her nickname is Little Girl, her power can be giant.

Keep in mind that Harbingers are ranked by their strength and Columbina is the third one who is only after Pierro and an unknown Harbinger. Moreover, this special girl is also the only Harbinger who was leaning on the coffin of La Signora and singing during the funeral in Interlude Teaser. This secret girl is also chosen to be the thumbnail of the teaser.

Columbina is the most dangerous female Harbinger in Genshin Impact.

These female Harbingers will possible become playable characters like Childe or weekly bosses like La Signora and Tartaglia.

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